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False Turn Signal & Brake Lite Failure Warnings

After filling my stelvio ti lusso 2.0 yesterday (93 Octane). The dash went off like a christmas tree and I received was Two warning lites:

1. Left Turn Signal Failure and 2 Brake Signal Failure

I turned the car off and back on.

Parked the vehicle and checked the turn signals. Right side worked perfect. Left side was blinking rapidly in the dash indicator and all 3 (front, rear, mirror indicators) on the left were blinking rapidly.

Returned to the office and spent an hour or so on the phone with Alfa Care (spoke with an extremely professional young lady - Gabby)

Went to the club after work and the failure indicators returned and remained lit. Played 18, had dinner —- and then to my surprise the failure lights did not come on upon my drive home.

I have no idea what happened. In retrospect, the fuel station I was at sits directly next to a police station and I am wondering if RFI (radio frequency interference) is a potential cause????? Otherwise, I am stumped.

From these forums it appears others are experiencing similar intermittent occurrences..... (I hope Alfa is monitoring this forum - last 7 of my VIN are: JC28321).

To quote Pink Floyd: Hello?, Hello?, Hello? - Is anybody in there? .....

Assuming you are comfortably numb
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On GM vehicles, a rapid blink usually means that one of the bulbs is out.
I had an acadia that this would happen to frequently, and it was a loose connection
on the bulb. Even if the turn signal looks good, it could be the parking light.

(the bulb has two filaments).

Solution: remove tail assembly, reseat bulb, put back together. I got good at it.

Take it into the garage, turn on parking lights and check intensity of all. THen check

intensity of turn indicators. I suspect you'll find one that is dead or dimmer.
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Blinkers are LED!
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Originally Posted by DeX View Post
Blinkers are LED!

Ok..but a bulb-is-a-bulb, and a bad connection is a bad connection.

I was just stating that in my experience a fast blink was a bad connection
or possibly a burnt out bulb. I dont know if the same electronics/circuitry are

involved with LED bulbs, but I would take 10 minutes to wiggle some connections
before blowing half a day by making an appointment with the dealer.

Then again, I'm an electrical engineer and I get off on this kind of stuff.
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I had the same issue as the OP, all turn signals were working, only dash indication that something is wrong and the rapid blinking. It resolved by itself after 3 engine startups. I've checked and there seems to be a recall for that, at least in EU. Attaching the document.
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