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Brake by wire

After a year of owning the Stelvio and not really knowing what "brake by wire" actually meant, I found two sites for information. One is Popular Mechanics that uses the Alfa as their example and one by Brembo highlighting a little more of the whys and wherefores. It's all about electric cars and autonomous driving.

I checked the links and they work.

Uses Alfa Romeo as theirexample of what’s to come

Brembo Brakes By Wire System - How It Works
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R Leong, thanks so much for the link. It explains what I feel in the Stelvio brake pedal. Good read.
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you can also find info here :




abs control.pdf
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Good stuff, thanks all for sharing. It's one of those things that "hey i should probably look this up and learn more about it" but it never really happened.
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Wish these guys would go into the practical application of the tech. They do a great job describing the function but how that relates to the actual day to day use of the system is ehh…

For instance do any of you realize the system responds like you, basically meaning if you activate the brakes slowly, with barely enough pressure to move the pedal, the brakes will respond slowly with a mushy pedal that goes almost to the floor and has vague response because the system is applying the type of force that you are.

Push the pedal quickly and with strong pressure and the brakes respond the same way, with a quick response and a firmer pedal.

Normal brakes will deliver the same feel regardless of how you push the pedal.

IMO the reason Alfa's are not the shortest stopping vehicles in magazine testing has to do with the tests themselves. It is not an emergency, it is some one driving down a straight course till they reach a pre-determined spot, then they hit the brakes in a practiced manner and see how the car stops. In most cars that works to give a baseline. Not in a car with brake-by-wire though, since the system will respond faster when the driver brakes a real panic situation, especially with bad traction thrown in (wet road or dirt), an Alfa will stop much faster than it's competitors. Trying to get a buddy with a Grand Cherokee to let me record a direct comparison between it and the Stelvio, he doesn't want to. Because it is embarrassing. We have played around off road and his car cannot turn, brake, or accelerate anywhere near to what the Stelvio does. Not even close, 60-0 braking at the drylakebed was about 200 feet further in his car, it also took him almost another 100 feet just to hit 60. In terms of turning, it was just funny....not a competition.

So, he told another friend who has an Audi Q5. He thought that could take me off my high horse. Didn't happen. In anyway you want to compare, braking, acceleration, turning, once you put them on dirt the Stelvio simply runs away laughing. It doesn't walk, it runs...not close. Buddy with the Audi still doesn't want to talk to me about it, actually left mad when we got together to compare the vehicles, and won't give me the footage from his camera for me to use on a video! His cost almost $8000 more with all the options and could not keep up. He is also mad that after a day of driving hard on dirt he has interior rattles now, and had to go to a shop to get some of the underbody panels reattached. My car is like basically like the day I drove it home.
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Why dos it feel so dead the pedal I mean? I drive my wifes car sometime and I wish I had normal brakes.

Paul G Long island
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Because of how the feedback is calibrated.

The system is not perfect, and how it communicates what is happening to the driver is the biggest weakness for sure.

IMO that is the untapped modification....someone needs to figure out how to reprogram the feedback for the braking system. Theoretically it should be possible to go in through the OBD system and "hack" the brake feedback to be firmer and higher. Basically like "chipping" the brakes. Probably more complex than just that, is software, code can always be rewritten.

Figure out how to change the brake feedback/responsiveness through the brake controller and have a new modification with no competition in the marketplace.....BMW is getting the same system, Mercedes has a similar one already. More manufactures will adopt too, be first to market in a new category of tuning......tune brake feel directly, with no parts, just software. Whoever figures that out first will print money.
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I always wondered if changing the brake pads to something with more initial bite would help ease the transition. A pad similar to the Ferodo 2500's. More braking at the beginning of the pedal travel. I like to get on the bakes lightly to settle the car before I brake hard. For me that's my biggest complaint about the car. I think it is the weak link and what I would like to change first.
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Be interesting to try. I *think* you would feel absolutely nothing at the pedal. Not saying the pads won';t perform a little better, just think the system will not translate that into "feel".

Truth is, I just started doing stuff and assumed the brakes would respond correctly regardless of the feel (basically video games brakes). They did, and now after adjusting what I look for in terms of feel (I expect it to be subtle compared to most cars) I really like the brakes and find they respond just like I want....they just don't really communicate what they are doing well. But they DO communicate better then the brakes on my video game rig, which is actually their closest relative...
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For me, best benefit is reaction speed (not sure if it is noted in the links)- helpful with safety tech and even in a head on enough to lessen the severity. Pretty cool!

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