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If the Audi didn't have a nice stereo and nifty one would buy it.

The platform dates to 2008 with minimal changes. It is built on the B9 platform (MLBevo) which is shared with the A4 and A5 and one of the bragging points is it uses an "overhung" engine placement. That means due to design requirements, the engine has to be mounted mostly in front of the front axles which results in horrible driving dynamics. However those amazing Audi engineers are able to finesse shock rates and angles, play with traction control and AWD algorithms and manage to make it drive pretty good considering. Considering the entire thing is a compromise.....unlike the Stelvio which was engineered for the mechanicals first and the design packaging second.

Means the stereo isn't as good, but the drive is significantly better.

IMO an aftermarket system kills anything in the Audi, but I would never drive an Audi long enough to want to install one...I think I am going to be buried in the Stelvio, so eventually it will have the stereo to rule all stereos and until then the drive is more than enough.

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