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Question Any regrets?

Curious if anyone purchased a Stelvio after cross shopping other cars have any regrets? I bought a 2019 Stelvio Ti with Lusso package and although I love the car, I sometimes think that man for the price, I could have gotten a lot more. Other competitors, like RDX, SQ5, GLC300, CX5, maybe even an XC60 T6, etc.

The fundamental question I'm asking is, is the Stelvio worth the money? Does the performance/handling/emotion outweigh the fact that it costs as much or more than rivals that are better equipped? For example is the performance/handling/emotion worth about $10k more than an RDX or CX5?
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I shopped the X3 and the Q5. The Alfa drove and handled better. Wasn't even close. They all were about the same sticker price at 55K. If the X3M or the SQ5 were the same in price as the Stelvio, I probably would have purchased one of those. They were at least 10K more. Very happy with my Ti Sport. I look forward to driving it every day.
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I looked at everything.

For me the unique mix Alfa provides was my favorite by a long shot, everything else felt like a compromise in one way or another.

1 year, 15k in I love it more than the first day I drove it.

I've test driven a few competitors since, and driven around in friend's Lexus, Audi, MBZ..etc...they are all nice in thier own way, each with its own bit of superiority over the other (more modern textured moldings, or interior pieces, infotainment "stuff", exterior bling, horsepower, whatever) however, the more expensive ones don't drive as nice, neither do the cheaper ones...

Considering the Stelvio cost less then my Boxster as fast in a straight line, holds more stuff and people, is more comfortable, goes off-road like it was built for it, doesn't get stuck in snow, and somehow manages to still take a canyon road at a similar speed...while maybe being more fun....I think this SUV is an amazing value. It compares favorably to a freaking mid-engined 2 seat sports car in terms of driving dynamics, and is practical in ways the sports car cannot be...perfect.

However if that isn't your priority.....there very well could be a better vehicle than the Alfa for you, and purchasing one may lead to regrets...
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See the thread “should I pull the trigger”
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I absolutely love my Alfa and would buy it again with no hesitation.

I have a Ti Sport and the only thing I would order different is not get the Static and Dynamic driver assistance things. I have the lane departure always off, never use the cruise control and would just save the $3000 those two options cost. I could care less about Apple car play and I never use the Navigation either.

I looked at all the others and the Alfa is the best and most fun to drive. My only dislike is the Harmon Kardon Stereo is not that great. its ok but just ok
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Delbeeyo, not sure where you are shopping for cars but I'm in Las Vegas and the Stelvio was by far the best value for the money compared to other SUVs like Lexus, Volvo XC60 or F-Pace, not to mention it had the best performance and handling. This was back in 1st quarter of 2018 when I was shopping for a vehicle. Our choice came down to the Volvo XC60 versus the Stelvio. My wife actually preferred the ergonomics of the Stelvio over the Volvo XC60. Granted the XC60 T6 had a more luxurious interior and I think horsepower was around 320 but it was $10K more and just didn't have that "je ne sais quoi" the Stelvio had. In the Stelvio I got a fun performance SUV, a great deal and absolutely no regrets. Looking forward to what AR does next to improve the Stevio because at this point I can't imaging buying anything else as long as it remains a good value.
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Leased a 2019 Ti with just three options - sunroof, nav and static package. That kept the sticker at $48K, which was comparable to the RDX, XT4 and NX that we considered. True, the others came with some of the "semi-autonomous" safety features for that price as standard equipment, but we weren't interested in those anyway. So that plus a good lease deal and we're very satisfied that the Stelvio is worth the money.
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IMO the Stelvio does not qualify as a luxury suv and should be priced lower.
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Or it's the best sporting suv. Because of it's real tech. And should be priced higher.
A bargain for such a performance vehicle - if that is what you are looking for.
If not, Yeah something else might look good
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No regrets
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