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Originally Posted by Whippersnap52 View Post
Hi Kidkarter, I'm in exactly the same predicament that you went through so I'm hoping you can help me by providing any supporting documentation or official communication from representatives of Alfa Romeo confirming that the Interstate MTX-49-H8 Absorbent Glass Matt (AGM) battery is the recommended equipment for the Stelvios.

I am currently communicating w/ Alfa Romeo Customer Care via email trying to request approval for the Interstate MTX-49-H8 Absorbent Glass Matt (AGM) battery because my dealer installed the wrong / substandard battery (BBAH8800AB) instead of the Interstate AGM battery. They had denied my request because I wasn't able to provide any official correspondence from Alfa Romeo supporting the Interstate AGM battery so I hope you can help.
Which dealer in LI you are working with?
When did you get the car?

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Guess I'm lucky ......October 2017 build with OEM battery. Never had a problem, but the TI never goes more than 2 or 3 days without use.
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Sh*t. Our dealer must REALLY suck.

This is the battery part number they just replaced the dead one with: BBEH8800AA.

Not what is posted above (BBAH8800AC).

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I don't have the mopar part number, but my dealer replaced with an EFB, not an AGM, although I offered to pay for an AGM. Under warranty and no charge, though, so I can't complain. No problems so far.
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LI dealer is the Westbury Alfa Romeo but I got my Stelvio from Faulkner Alfa Romeo-Maserati
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They replaced the battery in my Quad with a Mopar AGM #BAAH8800AA

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Originally Posted by ViscontiVerde 164L* View Post
UNfortunately, with all the excessive electronics in our new vehicles, it is blatantly obvious the a majority of the electrical gremlins we deal with are caused by low voltage situations. Harvest, I would have to say if you drive your vehicle only weekly, or locally with lots of things on like cranked stereos (all have big watt rms now which sucks power), seat heaters, will want to put it on a tender. Daily or every 2 -3 day drivers are fine. It's cars that sit a week or more. All of my newer vehicles except my Miata (no crap electronics ) , are tendered. My 3 Lotus needed them (2005,2010,2011), my 2 BMW's needed them (2008,2011), my Stelvio does, my Maserati does, my Range Rover does....I have never had a battery fail WITH A premature failure., The only dead battery I had was on a BMW that was going on 6yrs old. Most of my batteries lasted as long as I had the vehicle (up to ~8yrs). What am I doing differently???? BATTERY TENDER!!!!

I have 500mV models for my Lithium batteries or long term storage. You know you have a partially discharged battery when a 1amp charger runs overnight before going into trickle mode. I see this on EVERY vehicle if it hasn't been charged for a week or more. Everyone wants all the tech in their ALL takes power and unless the vehicle drives for 30-60 minutes, it does not top up a battery sufficiently ESPECIALLY in the winter. With Deltran quick connects properly mounted , it takes 15 seconds to plug in. Alfa is so well positioned , I didn't even bother, just use alligator clips...takes 20 seconds. BTW no electrical gremlins on my Alfa....wonder why???

@VisconteVerde164L* While I appreciate your advice, I have had my Stelvio QV for 1 1/2 months and 1750 miles with no BATTERY TENDER (!!!!) and no problems. What am I doing differently?(???) I insisted on the installation of an Interstate AGM battery BEFORE the vehicle was delivered(!!!!) At the dealer's expense. Or there would have been no deal.
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And you probably drive it every few days with 1750 miles in 1.5 months.....I agree the wet battery is a dinosaur btw. Good move on your part. Cheap upgrade at ~$150.

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