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Apple CarPlay vs Android Auto - constant fight

When we took the delivery of our Stelvio the sales representative gave us a rundown on the features and pre-programmed some comfort creatures for us.
She mentioned that in order for us to use either Apple CarPlay or Android Auto the phone must be connected to the front USB.
I asked if other USB port are enabled and was told that the front USB is the only CarPlay/Android Auto capable. So I thought nothing of it, and drove back home in total silence listening for any unusual squeaks. The very next morning we decided to give the CarPlay a go (wife's iPhone), and all look good and dandy until I decided to connect my Android phone to one of the arm rest USB ports to charge. And the Android Auto took over... Tried to go back to the CarPlay, and lost the sound, went back to Android Auto and it completely locked my phone's home screen, and I could only use basic Android nav buttons - Home and Back. Disconnected my phone and the bluetooth connection locked to the android. We pulled over to try to sort it out, I had to keep my phone's bluetooth off, and connect it via the cigarette lighter for power, and restart the car so it can reacquire CarPlay connection.
Really frustrated with this scenario.
Later in the day I gave the Android Auto a go, and realized that Google didn't optimize it for the Stelvio widescreen, and I couldn't use the phone's keyboard to enter the destinations in Waze etc as well.
Any tips on Android Auto are appreciated, I'd like to use my phone as I have a TMO true unlimited data plan while my wife's phone stays on a 5GB/mo plan.
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Hope somebody else will comment on the first issue you faced.
For the widescreen, Google has done their part, now it's Alfa who needs to fix this. As per my dealer, they are anticipating a software update to resolve this, but no idea when it will arrive.
I am a Google maps person, I was able to enter destination in my phone when the I click inside the input box in Gmaps. I am not sure about Waze. But, I never had to use the keyboard, as I always use the google voice input that works very well on most scenarios.
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You can charge your other phone by using the rear USB port. On my 2018 both the front and center console USB's were connected to the you have discovered. Good to see Android dominating Apple heheh
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The only tip I have to offer is get used to using voice commands with AA and Waze/Google Maps. I have a similar experience as you when I am connected to AA, Google Maps on the phone will not allow me to even open the app, it gives me a message to enter the information via AA.

Also, if you haven't already, go into the settings on AA when you are not connected to the car and select the option to get on the preview of the updated AA -- you're going to get it pushed to you eventually so no point in getting used to the old interface just to have to adjust to the new one.
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You should be able to go into the infotainment setting and tell it which phone is the primary.

Once you set that, it should always connect to that phone a basically ignore any others. You can tell it to use another in the phone settings menu if you want though.

Works for me, both my Wife and I get in the car with phones, but it always connects to mine first even though hers is on the system too. No fighting.

I would guess once you do that the system will just boot up ACP or AA automatically when it "sees" the primary phone connected. Might be different with USB though. I just use bluetooth for music and drive places.

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