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This is interesting on so many levels 😂. Sorry, not laughing at you . . . just so many questions.
1.). Just replace the [email protected]&$ing seat and keep the customer happy. If Alfa wants to know what happened for some closed-loop feedback, they can, but only after they make things right for you.
2). I worked as an engineer for the automotive industry for a decade. We used x-ray to find faults, cracks, porosity, etc in castings and structural components. We have performed CT scans on aluminum parts when x-ray didn’t provide clarification (3D spacial placement is hard to determine in 2D).
3). It sounds like the seat was just falling apart . . . not necessarily unsafe, just not what should happen at such low mileage (plastic on side coming off, cushion seeping out, etc). In my mind these could come from someone who is fairly large, but again, not at such an early stage in the car’s life. Maybe a support failed internally (or bent?).

Regardless of WHY the seat failed, it did. Replace the seat and return to the customer ASAP. Do the research only after the customer is taken care of. Should be shipped back to Alfa under a warranty claim. We’d get stuff like that back all the time, and it was our job to figure out why it happened. Sometimes it takes a LONG time to get to a true root cause. The purpose isn’t to figure out who pays for the seat. The purpose of the research is to provide a corrective action for all current and future seats going forward.

Something seems really fishy, as the dealership shouldn’t be the ones performing this analysis. They should put a new seat in, get it back to you, and ship the seat back to Alfa. Again, something is fishy there. Is the dealership on the hook for some reason? Perhaps they’re trying to weasel their way out? 🤷‍♂️
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My point exactly....a dealer would do none of this.

A manufacturer finding weak spots to avoid future failures..sure. SOP with parts..remanufacturers do all that stuff when rebuilding calipers to engineer out failures.

But a dealer or any repair center, no way. To justify or avoid a repair that costs less than the test?? No way, they'de say yes or no.

Paperwork has the best chance of explaining what is going on here.

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Originally Posted by Frank Mionetto View Post
It was a standard seat not sport and it did literally fall apart the bolstering and the controls fell off from the side and the stuffing started coming out it just fell apart! My service advisor did say it was like an MRI but he later amended that to say well it was more like a CAT scan. Next time I speak to him I will get the technical name of the test. Meanwhile they gave me another loaner car (yet the third one) this one a Jeep compass Trailhawk fullyLoaded so I guess I can calm down for a little while. However I do want to get this resolved at some point.
FYI. See my thread started today (July 18, 2019) "Does anyone need a Stelvio seat frame".
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