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Exclamation Waiting for MRI results for car seat. Thatís crazy!

Waiting for MRI results for car seat. Thatís crazy!

I leased my Stelvio from the Wesberry dealership on Long Island last May and shortly there after the car seat began to fall apart. The service department tried to put it back together but the problem became progressively worse. With just 13,000 miles on the car I brought the car in for servicing assuming it would be covered under the bumper to bumper warranty. The service advisors will and Fernando always polite told me they had to get an estimate and verification of whether the car was covered under the warranty for this issue. They did provide me with a loaner jeep which was four doors and and fine at that time. Over one month later they told me I have to pay in excess of $1000 for the repair of the car seat pretty much telling me I broke it! I complained and they told me to call out for premium care at the 800 number. At about that time the first jeep was recalled and they stuck me in a two door Jeep which is not suitable for my needs. Now since the car is being leased it obviously needs to be repaired either way but they are waiting for an analysis as to whether or not I broke the seat. They perform magnetic resonance imaging and MRI and I am still waiting for the results! It is over two months now and this is getting quite ridiculous. I just told them to fix the **** car I would dispute the pricing later probably taking them to small claims court but I do want my car back! Two months in a loaner car is unacceptable and I cannot recommend dealing with Alfa at this time. Just what the **** are they trying to say, that I was using the car seat as a trampoline? I am close to 300 pounds but that should be not an issue. I guess alpha Romeo does not like fat people! This is weight discrimination! This is total bullshit!!!
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That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of. Does the window sticker have a disclaimer that says “not for people weighing over 250 lbs?” Of course not. I would be all over Alpha to clear this up immediately. MRI, what kind of BS is this? The seat broke, that’s all they need to know. I would now ask Alpha for additional compensation for time and inconvenience. You have been wronged Sir.
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Sure it is an MRI? If so, ask to see the pictures.

Few things:

Many metals and MRI scanners do not mix. I would imagine that both the standard seats and carbon fiber seats have metal components that would make them unsafe to put in an MRI scanner.

Where are they telling you the scanner is? Most MRI machines are obviously in hospitals and imaging centers and aren't rented out on the side to scan automobile parts. I can't imagine a scenario where any car mnufacturer would find it necessary to own and operate an MRI machine.
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Diagnosis, procedures, what are they doing?

More than that, what was the problem? What exactly was the seat doing? You said they tried to "put it back together", I know what those words mean, but in the context of a car seat they actually make no sense at all. Did the back fall off? Was it making noises? What happened, because fact is, there is VERY little anyone can do to "put a car seat together" it is preassembled in such a way that replacement is far, far, far, FARFARFARFARFAR cheaper than repair, so again these words make no sense to me. There is nothing to put back together, it is either in one piece or not. Probably I am misunderstanding your description.

This sounds bad but what you have written gives absolutely no information besides you are unhappy and there is some problem with the driver's seat. Was the back not holding firm, was it sliding back and forth on it's tracks, was it not moving at all, what was happening? Be specific.

What exactly did the dealer say, because MRI's are not performed on car seats. Magnetic Resonance Imaging doesn't work on metal and car seats aren't made up of bone, muscle or any other organic material. I honestly do not believe this, not saying you are lying, probably it is the dealer. Regardless someone isn't being truthful here. If the dealer actually told you this IMO they were making up a story. That is like telling you they are cooking a cast iron casserole in the microwave...it isn't going to work.

Are they trying to figure out why the internal structure of the seat broke? They wouldn't go to a laboratory and perform a medical testing procedure, they would take the cover off the seat and look at the inside. To suggest they would perform a test that costs thousands of dollars instead of paying a tech a couple hundred seems a bit unrealistic. If I were told that by a dealer, the first thing I would do is go and ask for a copy of it in writing. The second would be to see the vehicle disassembled, that is right, you can ask them to have a tech walk you back to the bay so you can see your car. Were I, you, I would ask to see my car immediately, cause the "stuff" is getting deep. I would literally tell the service writer to his face I believe he is a liar and I want to see my car immediately or I will be filling a police report against the dealer for stealing it....why? Because the second he told me they were doing an MRI on a car seat I would know he was feeding me a line of bullshit. Maybe I'm wrong, it happens, show the paperwork please.

If you don't have paperwork, but want to go to small claims court later...you better go get some paperwork if you want to win.

You say fixing the seat costs $1000, (which sounds realistic) an MRI test is double that, easy. Not to mention metal in MRI's period does not work. Period.

Does not make sense at all. 30+ years in auto repair...never heard of using an MRI. Sent a message to my sister who handles warranty paperwork for a Mercedes Benz dealer, she has also never heard of that. Several friends who run service depts. at dealers from Honda to Audi, same thing. Possibly you were just given the wrong name or are misremembering, regardless if you want help we need correct information.

You say you were told to call Alfa Care yet give no details on what happened when you called. Did you call? What exactly did they say? Did you tell them the dealer told you an MRI was being performed?

I assume you are telling the truth, just don't have all the information and the dealer is not being transparent - or truthful - however this is a very unbelievable situation. You honestly believe the manufacturer would pay the labor it takes to remove the car seat, then pay $2000+ to MRI a seat that costs less than $1000 in parts to replace? No, that is the definition of unbelievable, unless they are trying to charge you for diagnosis? The manufacturer would never authorize that type of expense to disprove a warranty claim, and the dealer would not pay that out of pocket either.

You should be calling Alfa and getting your paperwork in order.

This is not correct.
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Perhaps somebody is confusing a standard xray / radiograph for an MRI? Even so, as Alfaoffroad says, the scenario makes no sense as part in question would cost less than the cost involved in getting any sort of imaging done and dissasembly would be the most straightforward way to see what has gone wrong.

Definitely more info needed from the original poster....
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Originally Posted by Frank Mionetto View Post
hey trying to say, that I was using the car seat as a trampoline? I am close to 300 pounds but that should be not an issue. I guess alpha Romeo does not like fat people! This is weight discrimination! This is total bullshit!!!
Heh, as a fat guy, the sport seats were out of the question so it does give me pause if these were the regular seats.. I do think Italians will even dislike average size Americans as being fat to them.

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what @ALFAOFFROAD and @Friscorays said ....... this just fkng mind boggling!!!
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Standard seats or sport?? Please don't tell me they were sport and you broke a bolster. I could have predicted that !!

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I think you have to demand/insist on meeting with an Alfa service district manager.
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It was a standard seat not sport and it did literally fall apart the bolstering and the controls fell off from the side and the stuffing started coming out it just fell apart! My service advisor did say it was like an MRI but he later amended that to say well it was more like a CAT scan. Next time I speak to him I will get the technical name of the test. Meanwhile they gave me another loaner car (yet the third one) this one a Jeep compass Trailhawk fullyLoaded so I guess I can calm down for a little while. However I do want to get this resolved at some point.
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