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Good, bad or plain ugly?

What are peoples opinions in this wide bodykit?
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No good, IMO
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maybe with 20" rims - wide!

otherwise the extent of the flares are a little too much
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Boy racer supreme! It's like someone thought the Stelvio was too elegant.

I want to un-see it.

...I'm afraid my Stelvio saw that through the window and is afraid now, have to go reassure her...

Already lived through the rice boy era. It sucked, let it die.

(….part of me wants to go and put those chrome strips on all the body openings and some bad-ass 3 foot long curb feelers at all four wheels, then make a video....cause I think it would be hilarious...)

Sorry if my reaction offends....I understand some people may like it, and if you do that fine, you are an awesome person...just like I am also awesome even though my taste pimp-slapped me for looking at it.... thankfully our awesomeness is not attached to our various senses of style/taste....

Seriously though...that made a part of my cry, then get angry, now it's just sad and a little depressed...then the smart-ass part of me is just going crazy with the one liners right now..he's kind of a jerk...

In the least, if the people who designed that kit are reading...Fatten up the rear wing. Every other part of that kit is thick with interplay between the curves and flat surfaces...accept the wing which is just thin and looks like the designer was like "OH ****!!! I forgot the wing!!" Then took 4 seconds to extrude the body line where the hatch transitions from angled to flat. It doesn't match the flow of the rest of the kit. Give the wing the same thickness as the (unessessary) ridges at the front air dam, (basically thicker at the base with the edge rounded off at the same angle/degree as the front air dam ridges) that will go a long way to tying the design together. Literally every line on the Stelvio is in perfect alignment with each one flowing into the other...if you are going to add something on it need to be cohesive. Fix the rear wing and that will go a long way to unifying that design which could make it attractive in a "Wish I got a Urus" kinda way.

Another idea would be to leave everything as it is and just drop the wing. The entire picture from the looks like a Skrull wearing a baseball cap least that way it wouldn't be wearing a cap...

(Skrulls are villainous Alien race from Marvel Comics...premiered in Fantastic Four, and have become pretty major having appearing in every major title and having their own line wide "Events". They are the bad guys in the Captain Marvel movie....and from the back...that kit totally makes the Stelvio look like would be sweet in green. OH...I just realized if you split the rear wing and cut out a couple inches in the middle and painted everything purple it would look like Thanos too, with angry eyebrows....that is pretty sweet)
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Opinions on Automobiles

Last edited by ALFAOFFROAD; 03-10-2019 at 05:24 PM. Reason: Ha! I wrote front air da-mn...freudian slip maybe...
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The purple is kinda cool if it was a wrap. That kit would pretty much ruin the vehicle good looks
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Brutally ugly,an absolute disaster.

If I saw this on the road i would laugh in the drivers face.
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Be nice...

Like the purple.

Don’t Panic! The truth is out there.

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Just FUGLY !!!
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