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Stelvio Ti sport vs base Guilia Q4

So I had a Guilia for a loaner today and put quite a few miles on it. I really wanted a Guilia over the Stelvio but the Stelvios extra practicality won out (and I actually like sitting into rather than down - never thought I’d say that but getting older sucks!).

I’ve driven a few Giulias of different specs and like them but I was cramped as they had sunroofs and at 6’4 it was just too tight. The Guilia today didn’t have one and it was pretty much the same as my Stelvio with its sunroof.

It’s the little things that were different that surprised me like the windshield washers are under the hood not on the wipers (it was kinda cool but the Stelvio set up is better) the cup holder in the door pocket (nice to see but it looked useless), the nav screen seems deeper (but strangely no bigger). I thought that both would be similar with those little details. On a side (and this goes for Stelvios too) is these base cars really make me appreciate the paddles and the sports seats.

As for the drive, the Guilia seemed peppier - not by much but it seemed like it pushed me back in the seat more than mine. I’m guessing it’s the lighter weight but maybe it may also be a bit looser with 6-7000 more miles than mine. The handling was stand out, the lack of roll over the (admittedly well screwed down) Stelvio was noticeable and more than I remember from my test drives and this is (I believe) a non sport giulia (the ones I test drove were a base sport and a Ti Sport).

Anyways if they bring out a two door Guilia it just proves I need to talk the boss into getting one (for her of course) as it’s an extremely sweet drive but overall the Stelvio is slightly better as a day to day car mainly due to it having overall better details and more practicality.

Anyways just a random few thoughts between the two
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Getting back in the Stelvio today was a bit weird at first sitting higher again. The crispness of the sport was noted right away with a little more patter from the road but that would be expected from the 20” wheels over the 18ls on the giulia. I also worked out that the difference in the giulia and Stelvio dashes is on the Stelvio the lower dash (wood) trim has a little shelf type shape on it which runs across and crosses the lower part of the screen which is why the Stelvio screen seems shorter.

One interesting thing was my wife mentioned how nice the giulia rode and drove (from the passenger seat) which was a bit of a surprise as she usually doesn’t notice anything even if she’s driving.

Anyway after my little giulia adventure it was good to be home in the Stelvio.
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a stelvio impression from the giulia board:

"Driving an almost stock RWD Giulia and moving to an AWD Stelvio loaner, the performance difference in terms of hooking-up and pulling is quite noticeable. I elected to go RWD because I disliked the added weight and complexity of the AWD, but from a performance point of view, that was an error. All that being said, still happy with the RWD Giulia anyway."

I was aware that the SQ suspension was stiffer compared to the GQ, a little surprised you felt that in base models. For my part with a base stelvio loaner, I noticed it as being more compliant than the SQ - but in very little giulia base time it wasn't apparent that the giulia base was softer. but it does make sense as they wanted to limit body roll in the stelvio.
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The first Stelvio I drove was a non sport and while it was nice and comfy I didn't like it. The same day I drove a Sport Giulia and loved the crispness of it. These test drives were probably a half hour each but I was sold on the Giulia. After a few months of it dwelling on me and knowing the extra practicality of the Stelvio made more sense I revisited it and was talked to test driving a Stelvio sport and I was shocked at how much better it was than the first one I drove and bought one.

I hadn't driven another Giulia until Friday. I guess the biggest difference is as you mentioned - they needed to limit body roll on the Stelvio (so it's firmer) and I guess that really sums up the difference. The standard Giulia felt a little softer/more comfortable (but not in a bad way) but also seemed to have less roll - I guess it just shows the limitations of physics and a higher center of gravity which causes a little more tilt on the suv. The Stelvio is very impressive and I love the extra practicality over the Giulia (hence why I'm happy it's back) but when we look to change out the bosses A5 I really hope there is a two door Guilia available to replace it and I can have the best of both worlds

“People think I'm an idiot or something, because all I do is cut lawns for a living.” “People don't say that about far as you know“
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