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Is the Stelvio an Alfa Romeo

I fell in love with Alfa Romeo in 1977 when I was 12 and sat in a spider at the Asheville mall. It had a description inside explaining why it was a better purchase than the Mercedes SL series at the time. Fast forward to 1989 when I bought my first Alfa - a 1987 with 15000 miles, quad spider (I still own it). Then in 2015 I bought a 4C LE. Now in 2018 a Stelvio Sports TI.

As I was driving the Stelvio this weekend I was thinking how "un-Alfa" it is. Every other Alfa I have driven has had some trade off to drive - but the trade off just makes the whole experience that more intense. By putting up with the noise or how hard it is to get in and out, I have earned the thrill of driving the 4c for example.

For the Stelvio - there is no trade off. It drives like an Alfa, but it has no noticeable trade offs (except for storage space - which hardly counts when you drive a 4C to work in the summer).

I almost feel that because I am not giving up something, I have not earned the Alfa experience.

Weird I know. Maybe it is just me, but I thought I would check in with the other Alfista.
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It’s an Alfa. The weirdly primitive, yet intuitive infotainment is straight up Alfa. As is the bizzare placement of the 12V plug (because you never need to charge something and have a drink bigger than an 8 oz Red Bull at the same time). Honestly most of the gripes people have fall under “Alfa electric weirdness” like the parking sensors screaming at you in park or the bizzare sunroof controls.

Most importantly though it drives like an Alfa. And that’s what really matters to me.

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it drives like an Alfa. period. (not an eFing car).

your point of view seems based on not having 4 door (Alfetta) or hatch (Brea) experience.
being confined to spiders gives just a partial view of Alfa's.
there are plenty out there that are useful, and in my opinion, as"quirkless" any other car, where you don't have to "give up something".
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Check out the Motortrend article in Stelvio Discussion forum..It speaks volumes about what the Stelvio Qv ( Alfa) is in eyes of critics ...Spoil alert,,IT WON!
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I understand where youre comming from having owned and used Alfas as my daily drive for more than 30 years :-)
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"more than thirty years"

same experience for me - but other than a trailer hitch, not a US option for most Eoro cars of the past, I never felt minr were giving up anything.
except the spiders, which used to have a good sized trunk and parcel shelf, while many contemporaries were able to put +2 seating there.
a berlina or sport sedan were every bit as useful as any similar size contemporaries, except Swedes with hitch availability.
the same could be argued for a milano or 164, but in each of them you were giving up something, appearance or rwd.
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Tough act to gain efficient sales volume in a very excellent group of competition yet maintain distinctive differentiation and faithfulness to the historic brand. Tightrope, really.

We've observed right here on this forum the obsession with the quirky shortcomings that the Alfa loyalists crave - and as in this case to doubt the brand attributes as true-to-legacy. Sort of like Jeepsters who never stopped grieving fixed axles and round headlights... change is hard... but FCA definitely seems up to the task!

As stated before, the market can be cruel and although we all want the brand to succeed, obviously we don't want it to do so as just another lemming CUV. For those of us new to the brand- and still learning to appreciate the heritage- it is certainly great to be part of it. Thanks for indulging us.
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Funny, my story is similar..12 years old when my Dad drove a spider home, he fell in love with it and bought it without telling any of us. I went out and sat in the car while my parents agrued and fell in love....6 hours later the garage burned down, the car was totalled and my Dad never went near an Alfa again...

(it wasn't the car's fault, he had a piece of cardboard on the ground to catch oil from his previous car..the Alfa was lower and the heat from the catalytic converter ignited the cardboard, then the cars..then the garage... yes he was stupid for using him but come on man)

....never got an Alfa used, my personal luck with used cars is bad, so since I tend to get the Honda that was a lemon, Alfa's scarred me like that girl in high school that was too hot to talk to.

The Stelvio feels like I always wanted an Alfa to drive..smooth, solid, secure, fun at all speeds...beautiful to look at, but it is compromised....

...the seats do not have as many adjustments as the competitors..the tilting seat may be minor to some, to me it was huge since it forced me to completely change the seating position I've used for years...for the first few hours it felt like I was going to slide off the I don't notice it...still a major compromise....they are also firmer than I would choose, however I have adapted and love them now...this is the first car I have purchased for myself that I didn't love the seating position in...a major compromise IMO.

The warning sounds that are truely unreasonably loud....noticing on video the sound outside the car is louder than the engine...this is with the mic 3 inches from the tailpipe...the warning sound from inside the car is louder than the engine noise on the spectral read out...

There is more road noise than competitiors..I like it but it is there...

Some of the interior fragility....feels like if I tried I could rip the door panels off with the way they flex at the pull handles, the leather covered panels at on the sides of the console where the cupholders are could be pulled off...I could break the rotary controller off in my hand if I tried...won't, but still...

The cheap shifter in a driver's car where every other touchpoint is perfect...but the shifter, which you touch every time you get in the car...other manufacturers use nice shifters and cheap fake leather to save money on the interior...Alfa, no great leather everywhere, nothing fake, then they save money by use cheapest feeling shifter ever put in a like they just had to remind us, "Hey, we're italian quirky and unpredictable."

The farting sound for the lane assist...yeah it is simulating the sound of hitting the markers on the side of a rural higway...sounds like farting...

The gas gauge that does it's job in the most imprecise way possible..seriously how do you make a gas gauge weird, but they did it...

A cell phone holder in the backseat....

They were obviously benchmarking the worst backup camera in the industry when they put this in the car....really it feels like the designers felt like the car is for going forward not backing up, so when you do backup they are punishing you for it...

So there are compromises, just not with the driving experiance...which is exactly where all it's competitiors compromise.

It's an Alfa.

Drives better, is a little strange, once you get to know it the strangness becomes familiar and is endearing. Other vehicle's lack of strangness makes them boring...yup the car is an Alfa...
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This is my first Alfa and I was worried that by buying an suv I wasnt buying a real Alfa for the reasons mentioned. I was leaning toward the Guilia because of that ie my first Alfa needed to be a car but it ended up being too tight inside so Stelvio it was.

I have been in a number of Alfas over the years but the only one Id driven was a slightly clapped out mid 80s spider with a dodgy clutch but it still drove so sweet that the drive still sticks with me today even after owning two Lotus since then.

So since the Stelvio drives so well and how I feel an Alfa should and that it kinda has a gruff sound like an old Alfasud I think it really is a real Alfa, only one that doesnt do the bad Alfa stuff - which in this day and age is a good thing as there are no real bad cars.
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Yes, Im being a little sarcastic here but in North America one can be assured that it an Alfa. The reason I say that is because were not allowed to get infotainment center or navigation map update without the blessing of Alfa, which they still have not given my over one year old vehicle. So yes, it is an Alfa product.

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