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Limited Slip, Active Suspension, Paddles

The active suspension is not a necessary option but still considered an upgrade to any of the TI Sport or Lusso models. The dealer doesn't try very hard to sell it and Ive not seen the package on any of the vehicles on the lot-not one. Not the Lusso or the TI Sport. It is an addition to the TI Sport for ($1350) which gives you the active suspension and LSD. If you choose the Lusso it is ($1650) because it gives you those 2 and the paddle shifters that the TI Sport have included.

It appears there is a little shock icon in the center of the DNA control. If you don't see that, its doesnt have a different suspension or the "active" suspension everyone is asking about. Lusso and TI Sport have the same suspension. Alfa has so little knowledge at the point of the dealer on the TI Sport Package that has LSD and puzzles me. If it were so great why wouldn't they:
1) Upsell the package?
2) Have it on some or most of the vehicles on the lot?

LUSSO Differences:
1) You cant get the black package.
2) Lusso has "aluminum" colored trim and roof rails instead of gloss black.
3) The seats (IMO) are easier to navigate in and out of....bolsters are not so high.
4) The stitched leather interior is much cleaner than the regular non-upgrade interior in the TI Sport.
5) Lusso has 2 selections of real wood trim instead of what the TI Sport offers.
6) Crema interior available in Lusso, not TI Sport.

Ready to order my Tri-Red Lusso with Crema interior and only option I am leaving out is the $1650 LSD, AS and paddles. The car is already AWD so LSD will do little and I am not going to pay $1650 if it cant be demonstrated clearly in action on a drive what I would be paying for in the AS....and paddles aren't worth $1650.

Getting a TI Sport does not mean you have active suspension-some think "better" suspension or "active" or whatever-not true. You have to pay for it and knowing if there is any noticeable difference on less than completely aggressive drives is questionable. If the dealer doesnt even try to sell you the package then why would you look to spend money on something you don't even know what you are getting?

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personally, if I was ordering, I'd get it.
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Have a look here for background
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To each their own. Waited a year to buy mine waiting for the performance pkg to become available then I drove a 1000 mi to get one of the 3 available in the country. I really enjoy the performance as well as the exclusivity. Also, the paddle shifters are my favorite feature, could not live without them. As a fringe benefit, by taking a later production run, I avoided some of the early QC issues (battery, water intrusion, etc.)
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The only think I think I got wrong... is that I thought that the shock button on the DNA dial.. was to be "stiffer".. and not disable to a comfy state.
For me.. the Stelvio should be stiffer in D with the button pressed.
I had 2 X5 pack M.. and I loved the handling and not Boat bouncy feeling (ok.. not so "boat" like a Range Rover Sport.. but still "boat"). ehehehheheh

In near time.. I will lowered my Stelvio with "Pack performance"... and hope that it will solve that lack of direct stiffness in suspension.
I dont do any all terrain approach with the Stelvio.

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dallasbes99 ….so you are saying you can actually tell a noticeable difference with the AS on and off? I am in Florida and not going up mountains or driving in the snow so I am not sure about the benefit. Cant find a vehicle to drive to tell and is it enough to notice in all but the most aggressive drives? Love to add the shifters alone but I can live without them. Have a turbo vehicle now and never use the paddles or shifter options. Sport mode works fine. I might if I had them on this car but won't add the package just for the shifters.

Why wouldn't any local dealer have ONE single Stelvio with this option? None of the dealers I have found have this option in the non-Quadrifoglio versions. They couldn't even explain the benefit of purchasing.....
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Originally Posted by dallasbes99 View Post
To each their own. ..... Also, the paddle shifters are my favorite feature, could not live without them.....
Same here! I don't exclusively drive in manual. I think the tranny does a great job on its own, but on the highway, two or more lanes, a quick double downshift with the paddle makes passing a breeze...
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On the frost heaved pavement of southwestern Ohio the active suspension makes the ride more compliant and less harsh. I wish I could switch it to the stiffer setting in N though sometimes I want a harder ride without the throttle remapping.

Having specifically driven the normal Ti, Sport Ti and AS equipped Stelvio back to back during my shopping there is a difference between the Sport and standard suspension. The Sport is less roll prone and harsher over bumps. The AS hits the middle of the two by being actually active ve. It will never be as compliant as a MBZ or BMW.

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So then if you want the "Dynamic" drive of the Stelvio (DNA selector), what is the AS doing? It appears to have 2 modes. On and off. So if you are in Dynamic mode (DNA) and you put the AS (Shock symbol located in the center of the DNA selector) on and then off driving in the "D" mode....what is the effect? It would seem foolish to pay for active suspension and not have it on all or most of the time...otherwise what would be the purpose?

Specifically if you are driving in "D' mode the vehicle will have higher performance (engine) and sportier ride (Stiffer suspension) where does the AS come into play where it is actually effectual in this driving mode as an example? Does it "override" the stiffer suspension that is introduced in the "D' driving mode?


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The active suspension is functioning all the time.

In "D" drive mode it becomes more aggressive with its bound and rebound settings - basically stiffer feeling - and the button allows you to put the car back in a more comfortable setting if you so desire.

In the standard setting the adaptive suspension is set up to provide a solid compromise between handling and comfort and really does hit the sweet spot between the standard and sport suspensions in terms of ride, but handles at least as well as the sport. IMO the sport suspension is too stiff if you live in an area with bad roads and have a bad back/hips (like I do), if you feel the same way (want more compliance than the sport will give you) but don't want to deal with the additional body roll, then the adaptive suspension is the way to go.

As far as the LSD most cars I swear by the is setup so well with the 20" wheels and brake-based traction control I honestly think the driver will make more of a difference in the vehicle's ultimate speed around a road course than any of the options (LSD, sport/active suspension, etc), there are very few cars a person can say this of (in a BMW, Audi, or any American manufacturer for instance the sport pack is necessary or the car is a boat)...but it can be said of the Stelvio and the Giulia. To me the base suspension is the more fun suspension...the body roll just adds a little drama, and means I have to pay more attention to my weight transitions through corners, basically as the driver I am required to know what I'm doing just a little more to get the same speeds out of the car.....the nerd part of me finds this fun and makes it that much more rewarding when I pass Mustang Bullitts, Camaro 1LEs, and everything German through any given corner (or just watch them get further behind)....

Now that I think about it the ONLY time I have been passed or even followed closely through a corner was the time that guy in a 2019 911 passed me by going into oncoming traffic through a sweeper on the Palms to Pines highway....and that guy was truly insane. I think the yellow "suggested" speed was around 45 and I was almost doubling that already...
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