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Dealership Closing.

Hey Y'all,

So, I had an appointment for March 9 to service the Parking Sensor that stopped working with the only Alfa dealer in the greater New Orleans area. Then a few minutes ago I received the email below.

"Mr. Marwan,

I'm sorry to inform you that we are no longer open for business as a alfa dealer. You will have to bring your vehicle to Houston from here on out.

I do apologize for the inconvenience.

Thank you"

So now it is a 400+ miles, for any type of service, instead of 80. I am speechless, I really am.

Oh Well!
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WOW! Call Alfa maybe your service can can be done by a Dodge, Jeep or Fiat dealership.
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I think we should be expecting more of this, even if Alfa does really well.

Quality Knowledgeable dealerships will be worth the drive and I prefer to fix everything possible myself anyway so they can keep their "Free" oil changes, Tire Rotations, Extended Warranties, Overpriced Parts and Clueless Technicians. Speaking Mostly about Government Motors / GM Here.

Consider what Tesla is doing and I think we can see where all of this is headed.

Much Respect to the quality Dealerships out there and a Big Thumbs Up to all of you!
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RH 67,

So, Alfa USA response was that I can only have the car serviced by an Alfa dealer, so it is most likely going to been of the dealers in the Houston Metro. They said that Alfa can arrange towing of the Stelvio to one of the dealers, but I will have to pay for the return towing. Under normal circumstance it is the way to go. You have your car towed to the local dealer, you pick it up. In this instance we're talking taking time off from work, either fly one way, may or may not need a hotel room, may or may not need to take another day off from work, drive 400+ miles back home.

I asked why no arrangement was made with any of the local Chrysler, Fiat dealers to step in and service our cars. The answer was that none of the local dealers have Alfa trained Techs. Oh, well!

Here's a question to anyone who may have an answer. What's Alfa USA's sale last year broken by state? I was able to pull it for the country, but not on a state by state level. I am just trying to see what dealer is going to be next.

Thank You, All!
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At least your former dealership had the integrity to let you know that they were closing. The one where we picked up ours is listed on their website as permanently closed without any notification. Yet, on their Facebook ads, they list a Presidents Day sale.
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No Alfa trained techs? Did the techs working at the Alfa dealer just disappear? Alfa surely could have coordinated with a Fiat or Jeep dealer to hire one of the techs. Even if there was not enough work for a pure Alfa tech, any competent tech could work on other vehicles like the Jeep Cherokee which has the same engine not to mention the next generation Grand Cherokee which will be on the same platform. Totally unacceptable! I'm worried about my dealer in Albuquerque NM as it is about the same size as NO. If it goes, so does my TiSport, just can't go 500 mi for service.
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They just opened not too long ago. They did the same thing when they had Fiat of New Orleans. Seems like they would know what they were getting into before jumping out so quick. They also have Maserati, I wonder if that's still there? Bought at Helfman in Houston. they are very good. Live in Louisiana, so I like having a dealer here although I'm still a 150 mi away. Sorry to hear this.
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Marwan, I'm so sorry this has happened to you. That's just crazy, but it happened here and luckily another dealership just bought out the discontinuing one. I am still going to take my ride to the original place of purchase 80 miles away for my free Mopar oil change next week. I made a new post about it and hope it helps others in my area, southwest Ohio, to become part of the AR family. Don't lose hope.

2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio Sport AWD Rosso w/red calipers.
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I don't think they even made a year. They told me they are going to be Maserati only dealer. When I spoke to the service Advisor at Helfman, he went like "When did this happen? They just opened". ARUSA said that a dealer is opening soon in Shreveport. For me, I may as well drive Houston's direction instead and enjoy the stay while over there.


I hope the same thing happens over here, locally or in the New Orleans area. The new dealership ARUSA referring to is 260 miles away. Oh, and, nah, I still love my Stelvio. It is such a fun car to drive, given that they should have taken more time in choosing some of the components that they used in it.
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I think it's going to be a tougher road to hoe for the Maserati only franchise in New Orleans. Still shocked that they folded so quickly and wonder what the reasoning is behind this. I hope they sell to someone else. First of all their location on the Westbank across the Mississippi river is not the right part of New Orleans where the more affluent citizens reside. Take this with a grain of salt for many New Orleanians going to the westbank is like going to the bad side of town and an inconvenience for service. I feel like that was the problem when they had Fiat of New Orleans which we bought from and they were good people to deal with. New Orleans has always been a pretty big import town with Mercedes being a staple there long before other parts of the country. I feel any alfa dealership has to have at least one Alfisti on site to help the nonconoscenti realize the significance of what the brand represents. Hope this isn't the beginning of a wave of closings like with the fiat only stores. Love our Stelvio and just had to have them pick up the car and replace a tire blowout and the service was good including the Alfa roadside assistance. They sent a flat bed wrecker too. Keep the faith because they are amazing cars!
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