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Driving at 100mph

This vehicle drives so perfect. I was on a two lane highway with everyone going 55mph in the left lane. Not much traffic, but everyone seems to do the speed limit in the left lane now. I saw I could get by the pack by going into the right lane. Accelerated to 100mph in a second and got by everyone in a flash. Once I was around them I slowed down to 75mph. I can't believe how well this vehicle handles and rides at these speeds. I'm totally sold. Loving more each day.
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Every once in a while when the traffic is none and its dry and clear its fun to take it right up there and enjoy it.

Such a fun vehicle to drive !!!!
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Yeah, it gets to 100mph faster and handles it better than any 4 cylinder 4000 lb vehicle has a right to.

If only we could make a time machine and take it back before speed limit laws...of course then we would have to share the road with 5000lb dinosaurs with 4 wheel drum brakes so....

I was able to finally take my (informed but) opinionated nephew for a ride. He hates SUVs and thinks only Germans can make a real performance vehicle which by definition can't be a "lame, wanna be lifted station wagon".

Took 500ft of roadway with one dip and a hard right turn under power for his mouth to be on the floor. He's going to be smart and invest in a house first, but an Alfa is in his future now..maybe a Stelvio even. (Which is huge for him..he told me he lost respect for my taste in cars after I traded my 3 series for the Land Rover, literally laughed at me when I said I wanted a Stelvio)

2018 Stelvio 2.0T AWD

Opinions on Automobiles
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Alfisti remember, ALFA has been racing for 108 years, so their cars are ready for the road.

Ive described it as seeming like the ALFA just sits down into the road, the faster it goes. I noticed it in my first Spider Veloce, a long time ago, and now this fourth ALFA: same thing and even better. Now, there is no car that can overcome a bad driver, so be a good driver, and the Stelvio will get you there first!

(There were some stretches of road in Quebec so remote as to drive that Spider at 120 mph some distance and that felt like the right speed for that car.)

Dont Panic! The truth is out there.

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The first new car I purchased was a 1969 spider. Its most comfortable cruising speed was 90 mph. I took full advantage of the lack of a highway speed limit in Montana for my several trips back and forth across the country. Like passing a cop at 105. Or an impromptu road race with a Datsun 240Z in the Mountains. He could beat me on the straight stretches but I left him behind in the curves. There were a lot more curves than straight stretches in the mountains.

Overall it was a relaxing ride for long distance driving at any speed.

I sold it in the 70's as it wasn't as well suited for my life at that time. My most recent cars have been Subaru Outbacks. Then I heard about the Stelvio last spring and am planning to get a 2019 Stelvio, 50 years after my first Alfa.

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Yes, the Stelvio is definitely one of those cars that gets better the harder you drive it.

I always prefer my cars this way, but up till now the family car couldn't be one of those.
The Renault Scenics and Subaru Outback I had previously were great family cars, but definitely did not ask to be driven harder.

Now with the Stelvio I have the best of both worlds!
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I took a trip to Athens, Tx with my dad after getting my '18 Stelvio. The straight, desolate country highway begged for me to floor it. Did 122mph easily with no sweat... warmed my heart.
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Funny story, my 80 year old mother-in-law made my family late for an appointment on Friday. All 5 of us jumped in the Stelvio and took off. I took an on ramp at 80mph and accelerated to 100 thru traffic. My mother-in-law riding upfront says this handles like her Lexus ES F sport, I ask if I should slow down. Her reply… Absolutely not!

2018 Stelvio TI Sport white/chocolate

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Little did she know that was a bit of an insult. hehe

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