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I can't believe that they let this imbecile review automobiles. He is more concerned about the look inside the car as opposed to the way it drives and handles. 60K? He should say that the prices start at 45K. Well equipped in the low 50's. I personally love the minimalist look of the Italian interior. The HK audio system sounds good. I listen to SXM Channel 26 all the time. No complaints. Bluetooth phone connection is rock solid. I bought this car for the way it drives period.
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I agree with you. I gave up my 135k MB to buy a Stelvio Quad just because of the driving experience of the Stelvio, i gave up massage seats, neck heaters ect. because the Stelvio is plain fun to drive and the interior is more than adequate.
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I drove everything before ordering a Quadrifoglio. I wanted something that would “wow” me every time I drove it from a driver’s point of view. Absolutely nothing did that except the Quadrifoglio. I will admit I just hate Porsche and Mercedes so I didn’t drive them because I’ll never buy one (I did my due diligence by researching their websites as well as reading and watching reviews online. Yes I drove a Ti Sport and there was nothing wrong with it. At the time I didn’t even know what it was worth. I just wanted more fun and engagement so the Quadrifoglio was the only choice for me.

I think most people who buy vehicles:

- don’t care about the driving experience
- want a smooth comfy ride (not to be confused with performance)
- don’t care about steering, brake response, chassis roll etc. Likely because they’ve never drove anything that was different enough from all the mainstream stuff to know any different
- want gadgets and technology to entertain their kids and shut them up while commuting
- see something that they like the look of and simply go buy it because they see so many of them on the road
- don’t see the value of the small added cost that may come with owning a better performing and handing SUV (from what I can tell everyone on this forum sees the value)
- genuinely can’t tell any difference in how vehicles drive. My girlfriend is one of those people who certainly couldn’t tell any difference but after going with me on every test drive and listening to me tell her what I liked and didn’t like, I’ve now got her thinking of selling her BMW to get a Giulia.

So I’ll agree with you to a certain extent. I think you have to take anyone’s opinion of any product or vehicle with a grain of salt and ask yourself about the source of the criticism. It’s clear from reading the review that he puts the most value on appearance, infotainment and technology.

If I was going to rate the Stelvio using the same limited number of categories, I would give it:

Exterior 4.5
Interior 4
Driving experience 3.75 (Ti Sport)
Driving experience 4.75 (Quad)
Value 4(Ti Sport)
Value 4.25 (Quad)

Comments anyone?

2019 Stelvio QV

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Be nice.

If you check the bio it looks like the author learned to drive about 6 months ago….still can't drive stick....

More realistically he graduated with a journalism degree 6 months ago, and this was the first gig he got.

He knocks the Stelvio for not having a touchscreen then recommends a Mazda...which doesn't have a touchscreen, is a second slower to 60, and gets 1 mpg WORSE EPA rated gas mileage...that he says the Mazda is as fun to drive as the Alfa....well, we will just have to agree that means this writer is unqualified to report on how a car drives...(We can agree to disagree, but first lets agree on what we are disagreeing on...that guy should not be telling people how a car drives.) Of course, that he considers self-driving tech to be so invaluable already proves this fact IMO.

Says the Stelvio's interior is too down market compared to competitors...yet in his Maserati Levante Review he said the Stelvio has a nice interior...better than the Maserati (it isn't, switchgear and a few minor trim pieces aside...the Maserati is nicer in terms of luxury, and the plastic quality is similar). He also neglects in all his complaining about how at $60k the Stelvio doesn't have massaging seats, that the Stelvio's better equipped competitors are either significantly more expensive when they have that equipment, or have significantly less power...or both.

In that same Levante review he talks about how the Maserati is such a great handling vehicle, but the Alfa he compares to a Mazda as if they are the same....but the Alfa handles significantly better than the Maserati, which handles better than the Mazda, but the Mazda is as good as the Alfa...makes my brain hurt.....

From reading a few articles he is impressed by tech and big horsepower numbers, however from the canned and/or completely missing descriptions of how any of the cars actually drive/accelerate, I doubt he has ever been over the speed limit and probably goes around turns at the speed posted on the yellow caution signs....

...and the photography...there are better pictures on this forum. The shot composition, angles, etc are just boring. Not just the Stelvio, all the reviews on CNBC I see, especially this guy's. and publishers wonder why readership on traditional car publications continues to drop......where is the joy in driving?

@StelvioQuad , I will agree with you but add most of the people who fit the description you give of "most" drivers, are that way because they don't know how to be any other way. It is not necessarily because they want to, and many - I think - aren't happy and would like to be different. However they don't know what to look for. In my opinion the job of an auto writer is to help educate people on how to better enjoy driving and cars in general so when they go out to purchase a car for themselves, it will be the car that suits them best. In which case, a review like this just fails on all levels.

The Mazda CX5 is a great car, so is the Levante, so is the Stelvio...all in unique ways. A good writer will describe each subject on it's own merits, providing enough background to give the reader a basic understanding of the concepts involved (Ie: what is luxury, fun-to-drive, why does one car handle better than another and how can you as the driver explore it, etc...), unfortunately very few writers of any subject - especially cars - are able to do this anymore and as such consumer education and refinement suffers.

Gotta say, awesome of you to take the time to educate your girlfriend on how to analyze how a car drives to figure out if it is the correct car for how she drives!! (Or maybe you were just a commercial for Alfa and you convinced her...that works too!!!)
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Opinions on Automobiles

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But touchscreens (which you cant reach if you actually set your seat up correctly) are super important. Based on his complaints about driving position he doesn’t know how to sit in a car (and to be fair 16 year old me didn’t either) and probably should go take some actual driving lessons. I have just shy of 12k on my Stelvio and the interior is fine, no visible wear and it looks like it rolled out of the showroom. Meanwhile, I have work buddies with VAG products they bought around the same time with lots of visible wear and one of them is on his third “virtual cockpit”. No standby gages is apparently not a good time in an Audi when that dies.

Fortunately most people don’t got to CNBC for car reviews.
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"Fortunately most people don’t got to CNBC for car reviews."

I suspect most cnbc viewers aren't car people or drivers, so perhaps the review/reviewer is about right for their target audience? prius people etc?
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its funny that every other commercial on CNBC is an Alfa one... maybe they should rethink their sponsership.
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The reviewer is a clown.

All we really need to know.

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Of the Stelvio Quadrifoglio, he wrote, "The Stelvio is simply the most dynamic and best-driving SUV ever built." And then his said it was overpriced, and panned it. What could be better than THE BEST-DRIVING SUV EVER BUILT?!

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Originally Posted by harvest View Post
Of the Stelvio Quadrifoglio, he wrote, "The Stelvio is simply the most dynamic and best-driving SUV ever built." And then his said it was overpriced, and panned it. What could be better than THE BEST-DRIVING SUV EVER BUILT/!
He sounds like a child.
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