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FCA merger rumor

None of these is a good fit IMO.


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Agreed. Synergistic partnerships are the way forward in tech evolution so there is some wisdom in it or the potential in it as Sergio had noted in one of his famous rambles (which we loved). Shared risk and development cost - platforms, battery technology, R&D - none of this comes cheap. Just ask Elon, whose glow is diminishing when reality hits.

But as I always have said in our industry: Two losers don't make a winner. Each has to bring something strategic to the table and the FCA brands should still have sore butts from the Diamler fiasco; enough to choose wisely. The business model for electrics isn't supported by the market for sure at the moment and who can predict consumer behavior for the future. Tesla is running the risk of the innovators becoming saturated and the hard sell will be where the volume numbers are. GM is planning $3B for development of the next generation and IMO even that is risky.

Carlos Ghosn is up for grabs I think but he doesn't come cheap apparently.

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What happened with all that talk from FCA about merging Alfa and Maserati and then spinning them off?
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Everything is talk till it happens.....

Screw partnering with ANY of the auto "brands".

Now that Magnati Marelli is separately owned, FCA should look to increased strategic partnerships with their suppliers.

Take a page out of BWM's book with how they have almost become the consumer branding for Magna International (A lot of BMWs - like the Z4/Supra and most of the SUVs are built/designed/engineered by Magna using Magna parts to BMW specs) and work out better partnerships with the suppliers to bring down costs while still having access to some of the cutting edge designs, since there is stuff some of the suppliers have that NO manufacturer is using yet. As the industry continues to become too large and expensive for any one company to develop everything in-house it is the suppliers that are going to - and already are - reap the benefits in terms of profitability (since they all sell to multiple manufacturers), only makes sense to get in bed with them before the bedroom gets full.

https://www.faurecia.com/en/innovation/smart-life-board If we are going to a tech'de out interior anyways....why not use a design where the various controls are integrated into the armrests for the seating? There are a lot of crazy awesome designs and technologies that suppliers have and are developing that no manufacturer is using yet. FCA should go talk to those guys more...they already have some (getting the braking system from Continental for instance)...strategic partnerships that allow for better access to tech and improved quality control at the supplier so there is less cost during assembly/after-the-sale, and increased revenue/customer satisfaction with no increase to daily overhead.

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Originally Posted by stelviofan View Post
@stelviofan Nothing whatsoever against China, but if China buys FCA, I'm out. I started out as a MoPar fan as a kid, and own three Chrysler letter cars. I've always loved Alfa, and the connection is a score for me. One reason I have a Stelvio QV on order is this history.
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The only benefit I can see is access to electric and hybrid tech those companies have, especially Renault/Nissan as I was reading somewhere recently that FCA is far behind on the upcoming Euro emissions mandates which relies battery tech to meet.
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How do 2 separate companies pool fleet together for emissions?

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV (FCA.MI) plans to count Tesla Inc TSLA, +0.75% electric cars as part of its fleet to avoid significant fines for violating stricter European Union emissions rules.
The Italian-American car maker will pool its fleet with Tesla, according to a recent filing on the European Commission website.


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because the laws there and in CA are written that way, to make electric vehicle investors rich, even if they don't make money off the cars.
how about tesla is in the "selling credits" business, not the car business. see last sentence of this one

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Don't be surprised if you see FCA buying out some of Tesla business in the near future.

Italian companies do work in mysterious ways :-)

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I would have to agree I don't see Peugeot necessarily being a good fit with FCA. I'd rather see Ferrari buy AR and Maserati from FCA to keep that trio together, wishful thinking. The Tesla pooling with FAC is interesting and if that could lead to some kind of electric car collaboration with with FCA, I think that would be positive for the future of FCA since electric cars are definitely the future (quite popular here in Las Vegas, lots of Teslas around). I love the Tesla Model S (its a rocket) but I can buy two ARs for the price of one Tesla Model S and the AR handles better.
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