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Unexpected downside of a unique vehicle....got the cops called.

So yesterday I was out walking my dogs like I do everyday. In the same basic area I go to most days, which is less than two miles from my house. I drive down a pretty easy sandy road, diverting through a dry river bed to a nice open spot a few miles from - and out of sight of - an area people use for target practice with firearms.

Pulled far off the side being careful to not destroy plant life, parked and started the walk. About fifteen minutes later, thankfully still in view of the car, I see a pretty new looking Nissan Titan Pro-4x heading back from the make shift firing range drive past my car, stop, back up, pull immediately behind my car and come to a complete stop, blocking any exit. The front bumper of the Nissan was maybe 2 feet from my rear bumper, with Joshua Trees and other plant life, rocks, on the sides and in front of me, he effectively trapped my car. After watching the person sit in their car for several minutes without moving, I turn the dogs around (bear in mind I do this so I can walk them off leash) get them under control (they wanted to explore, not go back to the car) and start walking back to my Stelvio to see what this idiot is doing.

What I find is some grinning 80-something guy who tells me he thinks the car is stolen because "It is an expensive vehicle out to be out here. Pretty unusual." (Let's ignore the fact that his over-priced truck stickers within a couple thousand of the Stelvio's base price, and it looks to be about the same age as my car) He volunteers at the Sheriffs department and has called it in as a possible stolen vehicle, a Sheriff is on the way. Now bear in mind the vehicle is registered to a local address and is not reported stolen, the payments are up to date, as is the insurance and registration. Also bear in mind this is the same river bed I have recorded maybe 10 hours of footage in over several months and the exact same place the guy wrecked his truck trying to pull off the same moves I do. I have been walking my dogs in various areas along this riverbed everyday since I got the car almost a year ago, but this guy thinks it is "out-of-place" and that is enough reason to trap me and call the cops.

Great, Sheriff are on their way and I have three dogs without leashes, 2 of them pitbulls, one of them an intact male weighing about 100 lbs. They are obedient, don't jump, don't mouth play, don't run and will drop their butt and freeze in place on command, holding it till I say not to. The male is big and looks scary but he is actually a giant goober who just wants to curl up on your lap and take a nap. I get the prejudice against pitbulls and do everything I can to not be the problem. Being on BLM land it is not illegal to have them off leash, but regardless a lot of police do not like pitbulls, do not like them off leash and experience has taught me that it doesn't matter if the law is being broken. If an Officer is in a bad mood, then things get complex for whoever is on the end of that bad mood. Considering this was called in by a volunteer, my opinion is whoever shows up will have the opinion I am wrong and their "friend" is right.

So this guy sits in his car smiling like a moron with a gun case sitting on his passenger seat, as I load my dogs into the back of the Stelvio, lower the windows and sit to wait for the sheriff...for over 20 minutes. They get there then check all my information and see the car isn't stolen, I am the owner. Then they start asking about the dogs. I prove they are licensed and registered, then get a lecture on how dangerous pitbulls are and how I really shouldn't even have them, especially an intact male (the entire time the cop is calling them dangerous they are sitting in the car doing nothing besides pant and drool, they don't even bark) and head home. Dogs are borderline dehydrated from being stuck in the hot car for an hours, the back still smells like dog, there is so much hair stuck on the carpet now that parts of it look grey (dogs shed more when stressed and they were very stressed on top of it being over 90 so they were shedding like mad to stay cool), the back seat and rear carpeting are covered in dog drool...like dried waterfalls of grossness going down the leather. Pretty ridiculous and annoying to have to deal with for no good reason other than stupidity and people's natural suspicion of things that are unfamiliar.

I had the cops called on me and my car reported as a possible stolen vehicle because some stupid guy didn't think an Alfa Romeo belonged off-road. Understand this is just off a road that goes to a very popular spot for people to fire their guns, so yes, it is unmarked and dirt, but a lot of it is regularly driven by two wheels drive sedans....

Definitly an unexpected downside of having a car as unique as the Stelvio...getting reported as a possible stolen vehicle because it is unusual....first thing to happen that makes me like the car less. Ok, I like the car the same...but, I like busybodies and control freaks even less...

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I have 3 pitbulls and constantly get negative feedback about them.

you have alot of patience as I would have freaked out on the old man and reached in and try to haul him through his window if that happened to me in the hot sun.
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Sounds like a clear cut case of false imprisonment.
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Thanks for sharing @ALFAOFFROAD . But....how about if you had an appointment? or worse yet, an emergency?
How about if you were reaching into your (fabulous) Stelvio and the Titan a**hole thought you were reaching for a firearm...man, scary stuff. Any apologies afterwards?

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Hopefully sheriff suggested the local dick shouldn't take the law in his own hands. He had no right to do that and the cop should be told to mind his own business as well. I would file a complaint against both of them. Nothing worse than a redneck with a gun. That gun gave him "power" to do as he pleased.
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'He volunteers at the Sheriffs department'

well, you gotta appreciate people who volunteer for stuff - but clearly a wannabe who should have a complaint filed against him.
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oh, and I have had a sweet pit and been around them enough to be as comfortable as anybody should be - but if you have ever seen one go after someone, you also know to be leery of ones you don't know.
extremely powerful animals that become extremely focused.
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Did you tell the Sheriff its not fair to be blocked in and trapped by some moron? I would have flipped out.

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Sorry to hear you had to deal with the stupidity of this ignorant person!
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Jesus..What part of the country did this take place in if you don't mind me asking?

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