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Arrow Alfa Romeo, Honda tops in consumer trust

Alfa Romeo, Honda tops in consumer trust, AMCI study finds

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Not surprising, comparatively Alfa is amazing.

Doesnt mean Alfa is actually amazing.

In a room of people who are 4ft tall, a 5 ft person feels like a giant. Doesn't mean they ARE a giant.....

Point blank, the current state of the auto industry in terms of reliability and trustworthiness is abysmal. The manufactures should all be embarassed. All of them, especially Tesla...

Ford recalls new trucks for a disconnecting shift lever, Chevy for broken control arms, and Toyota recalls engines, then destroys them with the repair...VW cheats on emissions (gas too, new investigation happening with Ca CARB board, they think they found a cheat device on a gas car, plus engineers told investigators it is happening in some gas cars according to Reuters, VW of course is denying)...Tesla just changes their entier business model and pricing schemes like its run by a tempermental tweaker. They release DIY repair info because Tesla cant handle the maintenance due to the volume of repairs needed and lack of infrastructure. Add to it most of the problems are from simple improper assembly...not to mention the fires and autopilot accidents which are being downplayed, all of it adds up to serious problems, investors know it and consumers are figuring it out...

Most of the major manufacturers are dragging thier feet on an airbag recall that can kill people....all the while trying to sell the concept that we should trust them and the computers they designed to drive for us...cause....Musk, smell it!! MUSK!!! Silicon valley, sensors!! SENSORS!!! SENSORS READ THINGS! ROADS!!!! SAFETY!!!

Social media popularity does not equal good business no matter what marketers and influencers want you to think.

These guys can't make reliable suspension parts anymore, or assemble 300 cars in a row with aligned body panels, but they can make a car that understands the road and can drive better than you.... yeah, right.

...and here is little Alfa with a battery that can drain easy, crumby infotainment, liftgate buttons that stick, and recalls for a finicky cruise control and incorrect water sealing....otherwise it starts up and lets you drive where you need to go.

Yup seems pretty good in comparison...especually since the competitors all have similar recalls, plus the death and major breakdown stuff....
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It's an odd study, but it makes it clear Auto manufacturers pretty much stink and they're aware of it. The sentence on Alfa winning in the lux market was odd to me at first, but then I realized the study folks nailed it:
"Alfa Romeo, with a score of 51 on a 100-point scale, was consumers' most trusted luxury brand in 2019 because of its new business model that gives consumers control over the kind of experience they want".
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"51 out of 100". Isn't it barely a pass LOL?
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Gotta grade on a curve.

No one wants to say how screwed the entier industry is right now.

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