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Figuring out average mpg

If you go to car info and look at eco I would expect to see avg mpg, but nope. On the bottom of the dash display I do see that there is a small dot at around 25 mpg which I’m assuming is my avg. Does anybody know how to reset that? Also, that eco graph on the car info section is highly confusing. Anybody know how to read it? Thanks for the help!
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The button you use to switch displays...hold it down and you'll reset all your trip meter stuff.

What you are talking about won't reset though...I think that is basically an instant readout like in a BMW.

The average MPG is in the trip screen.

That eco graph.....yeah.....whoever came up with that was probably the same person who approved the backup camera.

But...the further the bar goes the more efficient you are being with that thing...brakes, acceleration, etc. Makes no sense to me how to get it maximized.

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Calling the eco display highly confusing is giving it too much credit. It's worse than "highly confusing".

The mpg value from the trip display is actually clear and useful. Maybe even accurate.

I've used Fuelly in the past with previous cars and have just started using it for my Stelvio. In a few months I will know more about the accuracy of the trip display mpg. Only one fill so far.

You might consider joining Fuelly. Even if you don't join, you can see what other Stelvio owners are getting. A summary is at:

Alfa Romeo Stelvio MPG - Actual MPG from 18 Alfa Romeo Stelvio owners

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