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  • Scalewoodman ·
    Frank-- sorry for delay-- just saw this (mostly use the site from my phone). So great to know you. I had a Japanese friend a few years back and his American name was 'TURBO'.

    Hope all is well and you are enjoying your Stelvio.

    Quite the little community here...

    Best regards,
    TiSport ·
    Hey - congrats on the moderator deal! Well done! Is the next level Turbo Moderator? Or Twin Turbo?

    Have a great Olympic weekend!

    Scalewoodman ·
    I drove first up at Faulkner in Mechanicsburg (they have 50+ on the lot too, just not exactly what we wanted) SO when we found out it was Jeff's, we high tailed it down to Main Line. We worked with Edgar Floyd (Sales Manager) - my wife worked for Jeff 20 years ago doing finance and retired from another dealership about 2 years ago so we are always happy with them. And service - my Jeep up the street. The Service Manager at Fiat/Alfa is very involved with brand development and the hitch and other accessories so we have an exceptional 'in' when needed. CarPlay and all that wasn't a big thing to me but the whole experience was a blast and we feel like we have been well treated. It would make me happy to see them do well.

    Your stuff looks great and you are very close so if you ever think of a way we can collaborate it would be great. We have space in Lancaster and always look for partners to develop new products. Enjoy your ride and THANKS! - Rob
    PhillyAlf ·
    Hi Rob - Yes, got the car from D'ambrosio. Worked with Eddie Somers. He's a nice guy. Knows the cars pretty well. They have been very good to work with. Maybe were a little aloof about the Apply Carplay/Android Auto situation, but they may have been led on by the factory too. Did you buy there too?

    I checked out your site. That's a nice business. Fascinating history. I'm at We haven't had a need for scales aside from one used for weighing packages, but I'll remember it.

    Thanks for connecting!
    TiSport ·
    Thanks - we'll see what happens with the exhaust thin; I've never been one to spend too much time in the garage on "improvements", although I have had cars that could use improving! But not so on these babies - they come off the line, well, ready to get off the line, so to speak.
    TiSport ·
    Thanks for the likes! Was a great drive today... and still haven’t seen another Stelvio, or Giulia...

    Keep up the good discussions!
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