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  1. Brake Knocking New 2020 Stelvio

    Stelvio Complaints, Issues And Problems
    Hey Everyone - I hate to make this my first post here but want to see if anyone else has experienced this problem. Background I'm new to the Stelvio forum but pretty active in the Giulia forum over the last couple years and have really enjoyed the car so far, which has been issue free. I just...
  2. How do you turn off brake warning light after brakes pads replaced

    Brakes And Suspension
    Took over a lease on a 2019 Ti Sport and just had the joy of getting an estimate on front brakes from the dealer. $1,038.91 for pads and rotors? Uhhh, no. Took to an independent shop that works on Alfas, Maseratis and Ferraris and they were much cheaper, go figure. They replaced the front pads...
  3. Stelvio QF Brake Chirping/Clicking sound

    Stelvio Quadrifoglio Discussion
    Hi All, I recently purchased a pre-owned/exec driven 2019 Stelvio QF about 14k km's and I freaking love it. However, it has a major annoyance with the CCB's - they chirp/click on brake at low speeds almost all the time from front left wheel(right wheel some times) unless I modulate the brake...
  4. Brakes induced vibration problem

    Brakes And Suspension
    My Stelvio purchased July 2019 in Japan (so 2018 model globally?), is having a strange but easily noticeable vibration since purchase and has been in and out of the dealer's shop, most recently for a month now trying to fix the problem. The car gets a vibration like going over those lines to...
  5. A Fortune for brakes & rotors

    Alfa Romeo Stelvio General Discussion Forum
    I have a 2018 Stelvio Ti Sport that I purchased in May of 2019. My brake sensor light recently came on "service brake pads". I took my vehicle into my local Alfa Romeo dealership's service center and was told the following. My front brake pads were at 5mm and the rear at 3mm. ALL 4 rotors had...