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  1. For Sale Madness GoPedal

    Alfa Romeo Stelvio Classified Forum
    From a 2019 Stelvio 2.0 Bought 1 year ago. Not bluetooth Like new
    $180 USD
  2. Alfa Romeo Stelvio Classified Forum
    Alfa Romeo Stelvio madness Gopedal performance upgrade 2.0l accelerator. LIKE NEW CONDITION, Make your pedal more sensitive and get rid of lag. Can adjust sensitivity and speeds up response. Was on my 2018 Stelvio for a little over a year - no issues what so ever. Plug and play. . $200 + plus...
    $200 USD
  3. Alfa Romeo Stelvio Classified Forum
    Lease on my 2019 Stelvio is coming to end. Selling my GoPedal with Bluetooth. $200 includes shipping and PayPal goods and services.
  4. Alfa Romeo Stelvio General Discussion Forum
    I have a 2021 Stelvio with just under 1400 miles and was wondering if anyone knew what the proper break-in period is for these cars. I drove a 2020 Stelvio as a loaner that had 2900 miles and felt much quicker to draw out the power and get to speed. Curious to hear any thoughts on this. I also...
1-4 of 4 Results