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  1. Alfa Romeo Stelvio General Discussion Forum
    Hi all, before our holiday road trip I goofed up and topped up my oil by a little too much (can’t say I’m a fan of the no dipstick thing.) I got the high oil alert on the dash later that afternoon and double checked using the Multi ECU Scan which reads 5.7 Liters - so, the oil level is half a...
  2. Alfa Romeo Stelvio General Discussion Forum
    $400 for an oil service at Santa Monica Alfa here in So CA? And, bonus of $540 if spark plugs need to be replaced? I know my Alfa is not a Yugo, but these prices are ridiculous in light of the work it would take me to do them both myself. Do I want to change my own oil and plugs? No, I have...
  3. Stelvio Quadrifoglio Discussion
    I have 15k+ miles on my 2019 Stelvio QV. I just did an oil change. I am doing the regular 10k services with the dealership but want to do an oil “replacement” on the 5’s. Meaning just do the lazy suck out the oil from the dip stick hole and replace with new oil, leaving the oil filter for the...
1-3 of 3 Results