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  1. alfa romeo acting up

    i have a 2018 stelvio 4cil turbo that my dad has been driving for the past 2 years but recently gave it to me in may, since then here’s what i’ve noticed going on in my car. 1. fuel gauge with the miles left on it until next gas fill up is never right 2. my car stalls terribly!! 3. after...
  2. 2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio Issues

    Alfa Romeo Stelvio General Discussion Forum
    I purchased a 2018 Stelvio back in July of 2018. There were some initial conflicts between the Edmonton, Calgary and Winnipeg dealerships in getting the deal done, because everyone seemed to want to get credit for the sale. Not the end of the world and we got the deal done. The sad reality has...
  3. New Stelvio - Service Engine/Electronic Throttle System/Auto StartnStop telltales

    Stelvio Complaints, Issues And Problems
    Dear AR family, I got a new Stelvio and joined the AR family two weeks ago. I loved everything from ride to aesthetics until this strange thing happened today: service engine, service electronic throttle system and auto start/stop unavailable telltales are turned on. I'm concerned and hardly...