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Hey everyone

Its been over 2 weeks living with my new Alfa and have been poking around looking at things/parts etc.
In not in any particular order, some are good some are ok.

The Alternator is manufactured by DENSO made in Japan and its a 180AMP.

The Continental electric brake system in made in Hungary.

The hood struts are German.

Dont get the headlight switch. Its automatic all the time. Head lights come on at 6;30 pm when im driving under some trees
in the suburbs. I cant switch off the headlights. I tend to click it to parking lights, untill it gets dusk.

FYI:drivers door jam is when the sticker with the vin # also lists the Born on Date of the vehicle.
MDH xxxxxxthe M stands for month the D stands for date and the H stands for hour(military)
This is found on every FCA vehicle, even going back to when it was Diamler/Chrysler days.

When in driving in Dynamic mode and you activate the shift paddles M mode. Vehicle will start from 1st gear,
sitting at a light you can hit the up shift paddle and start from 2 gear if you wanted.

This vehicle so far has been really fun to drive around. its steering is quick , it goes around bends nicely
I just have to get use to all the features and quirks.

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