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Had an opportunity to cruise from Charlottesville to Greensboro, via Route 29/Route 6/Skyline Drive/Route 60, et al. Rounded out a great first week. I can't get enough of driving it. Used the cargo net for photo equipment - the rails and cargo net are easy to use and when you carry around cameras or other equipment, it's nice to have your stuff tied down in the curves...

Anyhow, the mountains were great in the black and red cockpit with the sport seats - what a ride. As it turned dark, I got the first opportunity to use the automatic bright lights system - set on 3, it worked perfect in the mountains where managing curves at speed, at night, is much easier without having to manage the brights.

At one short stop, a couple of college guy's walked by and said, "love your car..." to which I replied, "me too!" :devil

I guess I will not be able to keep this much driving up, first week and 1k miles; seriously, could not get enough.

I have a few more pics to add to the gallery after I downsize them in the morning...

Hope all new Stelvio owners are having as much fun - whoa baby...
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