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"There’s a lot of potential for the Stelvio QV and for the Alfa Romeo brand overall in the U.S. market. For Baby Boomers, the Alfa brand evokes the beloved European sport brands of youth. The Stelvio QV may look like it’s a far cry from Dustin Hoffman’s Alfa Romeo Spider, but the passion and performance are still there. The tight, sleek, muscular look appeals to the active lifestyles so many Baby Boomers continue to pursue.
For Generation X, the heritage and tradition of Alfa along with the classic, timeless design of the Stelvio appeals to the cohort’s core values. The timing of the launch is ideal, with Gen X moving into peak earning years (the oldest is 52 by some count) and progressing towards empty nester life stage, where an 5-passenger SUV is a welcome change from a minivan or 7-seater family hauler.
For Millennials, a cohort open to new and resurging brands, Alfa Romeo draws them in by providing a luxury experience different than a Lexus or a BMW. The oldest Millennials (30-40 years old) are used to premium and enjoy making big statements, something an Alfa Romeo in rosso red certainly does. For younger Millennials, the Stelvio QV may be out of reach financially, but there’s plenty more in the Alfa brand to consider."

From the Forbes article (Rebecca Lindland)

Great to see such positive press! Even in the lowly regular model, every destination arrives way too soon and I have to admit to spending extra time in the garage just admiring our Stelvio.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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