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Based on today's exchange rate, 19K CDN is about 13.4K US. Some in here got near that off (after negotiations of course) and a couple got more than that off for theirs---or so they said. But, these are for same model year (or 2019s). Can I assume this is their first offer and that you have not seriously negotiated yet? If so, and if you accept that offer, and assuming the Canadian market is somewhat similar to the US market for Stelvios right now, then you are leaving $$ on the table, probably a few thousand, maybe more. Why?

It is already two model years old---a 2018 nobody wanted (think resale value here---tanked). At this point, it is a huge loss leader and the dealer is quite desperate to get rid of it---they lose $$ every day it just sits there. If you have the stomach for hard but dispassionate nego and let them know you are willing to walk out (and demonstrate this by doing so if they call your bluff), then I think you can likely save a few thousand more IMO. They will call you back.

Also, car sales in general have dropped off in the US at least for the past couple years and is getting absolutely curb-stomped by COVID-19 right now. I suspect Canada is similar. I cannot remember a time in my 38 years of new and used car buying that the consumer was in a better position than right now. But this is where I get a dual personality: on the one hand, time for some consumer payback for their overall (a generalization I know) contempt for the customer to maximize profit and all the games they play that I have learned to defeat over the years (I think). But on the other, they are really suffering just like my two fav restaurants nearby due to COVID and I actually feel a bit of sympathy---and want most car companies to survive. So, depending on how you feel about all this, either take the offer or negotiate firmly and walk out when they say they can't go any lower. You will never know their floor until you walk out, to your car (yes, they sometimes wait to see if you'll flinch first and turn around---they know they can always call you back in), and go home.

About the Apple Car Play, don't think you can mod it at all if made before Dec 2017 if I recall correctly. There are some other threads in here that talk extensively about this. Good luck and let us know how it turns out.
Hi Alfa - aficionados! New to the forum, from Vancouver Canada.

My local dealer is clearing out new 2018 Stelvios, at discounted prices. I'm considering a TI Sport - in fact, it's in my garage as I type this on a multi-day test drive , and its $19K off MSRP, Asking $48,000 CDN. It includes the full 4 yr warranty. Love the drive, handling and suspension, looks, and the back seat and cargo area meet my needs. I also appreciate having a pretty unique vehicle in the world of X3s and Q5s.

So I've got two questions for the group:

1. Is it a good deal?

2. There's no apple Carplay - built 11/17. Is there anything I can do to upgrade to include Apple Car Play??

If anyone has advice to share on the negotiation process I'd be very thankful - I've never bought a brand new car; in fact I haven't bought one in 10 yrs so I'm out of practice.

I bought a 2019 ti sport in Feb and they took $7000. off so I think it's good.

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Have you bought this or know anyone who has? I'm curious on how well it works.
I ended up buying this from Italy, it was shipped in 3 days. I did the install today and first I'll say I love it! This is how it should have been from Alfa to start with. It's very responsive, the resolution is great, and everything works perfectly.

With that said, the install was a bitch. Not technically, but logistically speaking. The head unit is in the driver's side footwell, so there are several pieces of trim that need to be removed. That's a hassle but not difficult with the right tools. The real PITA is getting the head unit down low enough to connect the new wiring. It's like death from a thousand hands are all cut up. The problem is getting the head unit low enough to make it somewhat simple is damn near impossible. I was afraid if I got it down I wouldn't be able to get it back up where it bolts to the brackets. The next issue is after you get it all hooked up you have to somehow fit the new module up there where there's barely enough room for the original one.'s all done and working great and now I will have a well deserved beer.





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