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AutoEvolution - Stelvio Track Review

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AutoEvolution got a chance to take the Alfa Romeo Stelvio on the track alongside some Giulias and I'm really not surprised about the results. Long story short, it definitely isn't nice off-road (not so Utility if you will) but hey, I expected that too as it's not something made for that, but on the track, it did fair quite well.
I insist on underlining this aspect, because the Italian SUV is better on the track than expected.
It is fair to note that off-road credentials do not matter for most SUVs, and this model is probably not happy when you take it off paved roads. However, when you have room to stretch its legs, it goes like its pants are on fire, and you forget you are in an SUV.
It weighs 1,660 kilograms (3,660 pounds) with fluids for both versions, which is over 150 kilos less than a Macan with a four cylinder engine, or just about lighter than a comparable BMW X3.
Definitely worth the read if you're interested in knowing how it feels when it's put through it's paces (who wouldn't be?)

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High praise when they say the Stelvio is ahead of all its similarly priced competitors when it comes to handling. All the fun of throwing around a Giulia, but with the added ride height and you'd think it would be a bit twitchy but it's not.
One thing new owners will have to get used to is the electronically-operated brakes, which will not have the same kind of pedal feedback as the traditional brakes. But other than that, the review is a positive one overall.

Doesn't hurt to be sitting in a cabin like this on weekend drives.

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Are the brakes completely electronic or is it electronic assist? But just like any new car you get into, either way you'll always have to adjust to the brake pedal feel and characteristics so I'm not too worried about that.
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