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Hey Everyone - I hate to make this my first post here but want to see if anyone else has experienced this problem.

I'm new to the Stelvio forum but pretty active in the Giulia forum over the last couple years and have really enjoyed the car so far, which has been issue free. I just got my parents into two 2020 Stelvio Ti Lusso, Volcano Black and Lunare White, beautiful cars.

After driving both cars off the lot less than 100 miles, both of their back brakes are knocking when coming to a stop. They called the dealer and had to replace the rotor on my moms car and are about to replace the rotor (I believe) on my fathers car. The dealer was extremely surprised and said this hasn't happened to any of their Stelvios before.

The dealer has been great and fixed the problem within 24 hours and offered to drop the car back off to my parents. I'm hoping this was just a stroke of bad rather than a potential bad batch of rotors that could impact more owners.

Let me know if any of you have had any similar issues. Beyond that my parents love the cars and actually enjoy driving again compared to the Audi and Lexus they switched from.
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