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Brakes stuck in service mode!

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Hi all, I have what seems to be a recurring same problem with other members, I had the warning light to check the parking brake so thought if I cycled the brake service system that the fault would clear... you guessed it! I now cant get the parking brake to come out of service mode. The brakes work fine apart from unable to get the parking brake to operate!
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Right foot only!
I have read somewhere on the forum, that the activated parking sensors can prevent the parking brake to come out of service mode. Try turning off the parking sensor - left side of the steering wheel ( may need to turn off Park Sense in the Driver Assistance Menu) and then cycle thru the Brake Service Mode again. Another option park the car away from any obstacles so the park sensors don't activate and cycle the Brake Service Mode.
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Tried all of those options, no joy unfortunately, the next step is to get my hands dirty and inspect the brake calipers.
Do you still have the warning light for the parking brake?
You may need to get Multiecuscan and a compatible OBD reader. It will probably show you any fault codes for the parking brake. The brake service mode can be turned on and off via Multiecuscan.
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Checked the calipers today, all clear and wound back the pistons, still no joy on resetting the parking brake, guess its going to be a visit to the dealer :(
What was the diagnostic on the brakes?
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