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Beautiful day and for once, I had nothing to do so I washed the car and then I thought... hmmm I bought that carbon coating drops months ago and never used it, so gave it a shot.

I wanted to test out the drops so I started at the roof. Place a tape on the middle of the roof and decided to do just 1/2 of the car to see what the difference would be.
Water Cloud Daytime Hood Blue

The whole car was washed and dried. Left side was treated with these coating drops. As you can see I really couldn't tell the difference but look at the reflection of roof shingles on the left side vs the right side. Much more defined than the right side. so I did the whole car.

Cloud Car Motor vehicle Vehicle Hood

It didn't deepen the color or corrected minor discoloration of the car but it did add a "coating?" that shined like a mirror. Look at the reflections of the tree on the hood. it was so clear that I was amazed.
I put that shiet everywhere after i saw this😁 On the plastic, bumper, on the glass etc, but not on the front windshield. I wanted to how it wore on the back windows.

it was pretty easy process. Drop on and drop off. (I thought I heard Mr. Miyagi as I was doing this) it was easier than waxing!
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