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This may actually be our last car trip with all my kids. They are getting older and I doubt that they will want to spend time with us than their friends from now on. Anyhow, this year's destination is Chicago. 12-13 hours drive starting from NJ. Stopping at Harrisburg, Pittsburg then overnight at Cleveland. Second day from Cleveland to Toledo and then Chicago.

Staying 5 days at The Drake starting Sunday. If you see a black Stelvio on the road or in Chicago, HONK! Gonna be doing the tourist thing with the family. although I have been there several times, never with the entire family. Will update with some pictures on return.

Was going to invite some of you locals but this one maybe a special family trip. I just hope we don't take each others heads off in the car.... Oh.. the older democratic daughter can be argumentative. I may have spoiled her but she seems to be shaping up well with a good heart.
What more can you ask for?
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