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Finally placed my order, and perhaps some useful info...

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I have been lurking here for a few months researching the Stelvio and finally pulled the trigger a few days ago - many thanks for the helpful people and information here.

My wife and I have always had an SUV and a sedan (plus a little old roadster for sunny days) but last summer we replaced the BMW X5 with a 2nd sedan. Then we got a puppy that grew to 70lbs in 6 months and I am no longer keen to carry him on the back seats of my BMW 535i. So back to needing a small SUV that drives well in the $40k-$65k range (Mazda CX-5 up to BMW X3 M40i - also considered BMW X1/X2/X3, Jaguar E-Pace and F-Pace, Subaru, Audi Q5, Porsche Macan, MB GLC43 etc). The Stelvio hit the sweet spot in terms of styling, performance, space and value and I have always been a fan of the marque as I grew up in Europe and had a chance to drive many different Alfas a long time ago.

I have leased my last 15 vehicles and always had them built to order as I don't mind waiting a few months and I am very particular about getting what I want when spending so much money (BMW has this really well figured out including tracking every step of the build and even the ship carrying the car from Germany). I also negotiate pretty hard and find it enjoyable (do most of it through emails and phone calls so I don't get too emotionally involved). I thought people here might find some information about order codes and invoice pricing etc helpful so I put this together:

Alfa Romeo Stelvio Ti Sport - MSRP $46,495 (invoice $43,916)
Includes Alfa Rosso Paint PRR ($0), Black Performance Sports Leather DLXX, 20" x 8.5" Sport Wheels WPF (will powder-coat them black)

RCA = Harman Kardon Premium Audio - $900 ($810)
RAN = NAV with 8.8 Display - $950 ($855)
AJG = Driver Assistance Static Package - $650 ($585)
AJJ = Driver Assistance Dynamic+ Package - $1,500 ($1,350)
JHS = Headlamp Washers - $250 ($225)
XTL = Gloss Yellow Brake Calipers with Black Script - $0 ($0)
TBC = Compact Spare Tire - $450 ($405) - Includes air compressor, does not raise floor height like in X3
XFR = Trailer Tow Hitch - $450 ($405) - Needed to carry bikes, you lose trunk kick sensor
RFP = Apple CarPlay (includes RF5 Android Auto) - $200 ($180) - pay $100 for Apple CarPlay and $100 for Android
AMU = Ti Sport Performance Package (LSD and active suspension) - $1,200 ($1,080)
XGZ = Leather Package (dashboard and tops of doors in stitched leather) - $995 ($896)
and Destination - $995 ($995)
TOTAL MSRP: $55,035 (invoice $51,702)

Note I did not get the following options that others might want:
XSP = Red Calipers, XS9 = Black Calipers
GWJ = Sunroof (hate them)
AHM = Convenience Package
NHK = Engine Block Heater

It is worth mentioning that the first three Alfa dealers I spoke to did not have a clue about availability of RFP Apple Carplay and had never heard of AMU Sport Performance Package or XGZ Leather Package - all options I really want. Finally found a few dealers that had sales managers that were very helpful and went to the manufacturer configurator (instead of the out-of-date public website) and gave me the correct information and codes. Note that there is a markup of about 5.5% on the base vehicle (invoice to MSRP) and 10% for all options.

Currently in the NE of USA there are up to $3750 in incentives if you are leasing (including $1500 for conquest from BMW et al which is huge - just need to show registration on other car). It is not too hard to get the vehicle for below invoice, and then then apply rebates to get to $7k or more below MSRP. I was quoted a build/delivery time of 13-18 weeks from several dealerships and of course rebates and lease terms (money factor) could change by that time, so I just focussed on getting a good sale price in writing and confirmed the build with a deposit. PM me if you want more information in this area or any questions to do with leasing.

Looking forward joining the family here once I get my new Alfa in June - can't wait. :smile
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Welcome to the forum, congrats on your purchase!
Hey, this is such great information. I live in NY and looking at the Stelvio. How do you go outside of the US configuration options to research additional options.?
I looked at some Alfa Romeo Giulia sedans and their options (sat in cars with Leather Package etc) and also visited UK and Canadian websites for Stelvio to know what else Alfa actually can build. Then I badgered the US dealerships to tell me the order codes and exact prices on options I wanted. In some cases the options are not available in the USA yet - I really wanted the 20" Dark Sport Wheels (same as our silver ones but in dark grey - yummy with yellow calipers) which are available in Europe. Two dealerships tried to find them but not an available option here (yet) so I will powder coat my wheels to get that look...
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Great + thanks for the info. There are (3) of us from SE PA here now- maybe we can put a meet and greet together in summer or at Chrysler Nationals. Look forward to pics and hearing more about your experience.
Thats a great idea re an Alfa meetup near Philly in summer - I would be up for it.
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I'm about 3 hours away from Philly, and there are several Stelvio's I've seen driving around here in CT. a central Jersey thing could possibly attract a lot of people.
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I'm about 3 hours away from Philly, and there are several Stelvio's I've seen driving around here in CT. a central Jersey thing could possibly attract a lot of people.

This would be great. We can find a venue and have a nice dinner. Let's put something together! At this point we have you in CT, me in Lancaster, PhillyAlf in the Exton area, and pelucidor in Bucks. Anybody else out there in NJ/eastern PA/CT?
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