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from my other post, some may have seen im new to Alfa Romeos as in so new I've never even seen a Stelvio qv in person even a Ti or other models are so rare i may have seen 2 or 3 in years. (possibly cause i was never looking for them)
I don't advise doing what i did and buy one sight unseen or without ever driving one, but in this market, you need to act quickly and in my defense, i did watch every Stelvio youtube video. Unlike other brands, every reviewer had the same great and not-so-great things to say about it. I knew the performance was going to be amazing and the interior not so good like previous grand Cherokees we've owned.
They were right on, this thing drives awesome, so awesome the interior even looks better to me now. Even the exterior looks better, I did like it prior but now I love it. I'm not even a great driver but this just gives me confidence beyond my ability.
All this said and I did not even put it in race mode yet. actually just picked it up today and drove 200k back. I'm sure ill have to come back and say something more when i get to use the paddle shifters.
Anyhow thanks to everyone who answered previous questions and no I won't remove the clovers.
I look forward to gaining more experience and sharing some knowledge and thoughts about these suvs in the near future.

oh, side note, the standard leather seats are awesome, hug you well and so far I find them very comfortable had to add that.
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