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Forge SQV throttle body inlet pipe question.

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I’m planning to install Forge’s throttle body inlet pipes on my 22 SQV. They are larger diameter and includes ports for Nitro and meth. Ideal racing makes a set with the Nitro-Meth port. They seem to be marketed to Giulia QV’s but I thought since basically the same engine, they would fit on an Stelvio QV. We’ll just opened my hood and noticed the following. Not sure what these are for. Giulia QV’s, from the pictures I’ve seen don’t seem to have them. Any ideas?
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Here are the Forge throttle body inlet pipes.
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You're replacing the inlet pipes and asking what the inlet pipes are? :unsure: Or are you referring to some other component in the picture?

Also I think you're wasting your $ if you think you're going to push more air thru the system. The throttle body is controlling the airflow, not the inlet pipe. You would need to increase the size of the TB.
Though the nitro and meth thing looks interesting. Let us know how that goes.
The little tube off the right side of the inlet pipe. Looking at pictures of Quadrifoglio engine bays, seems the Stelvio has the tube and the Giuila does not.
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