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Front Park Assist Question

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I have a question regarding the front park assist operation. When I park my vehicle in the garage the front park assist alarm goes off as I pull in and park, as expected. The question I have is that when you put the vehicle in park, the alarm does not turn off. Other vehicles that I have had turn off when the vehicle goes into park. The only way I found to turn it off was to push the button by the headlamp control to turn park assist off. However, the next time you start the vehicle the park assist alarm is blaring again, even before I shift the vehicle into reverse. As a work around I have reset the alarm volume to low, but wondering if this a common issue for any other Stelvio owners out there.
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ohhh yes, common issue, we must way the next firmware upgrade, the problem is well know
The beeping stops when I activate the parking brake. I don't like the beeping but I am learning to tune it out. I am hopeful of a firmware fix to stop beeping when Park is selected.
Thank you, good to know that I am not alone. Lets hope for an update soon.
Makes you wonder if anyone from the factory ever spent anytime with the car before they began shipping.
Also, how is there not an intermittent mode for the rear wiper?
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Hmmm. Mine goes quiet when I put Stella in P. Maybe a software update (flash)? I'm feeling like D'Ambrosio Main Line might have made sure ours was updated prior to delivery.

As to the wiper- no biggie to me-- just pop the lever 2X for a single swipe. FYI took me all of about 30 seconds to get used to it.
This is the single biggest annoyance that I have with my Stelvio. It drives me absolutely mad. The dealer said they don't have a flash or TSB to address the issue yet.

It's the same thing in the Giulias, FWIW.
That doesn't cut it for me. There are times where it isn't raining enough to have the wiper going continuously, but heavy enough to need a wipe once a minute or so. It gets annoying doing the double tap that often.
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