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19 Quadrifoglio Trofeo White,black with green/white,Dynamic pack, Pano roof,Carbon wheel, Dark wheel
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Hey guys and gals. Got my wife a 2019 Quad today. Traded in our beloved Pacifica. Not sure how I ended up with the Alfa bug but I'm gonna blame it on the corona virus.

Ended up getting 20k off and within the kbb range for my trade. Caveat was I finance through them and keep the loan for 3 payments before paying it off so they can get their kickback. Super happy except for:

Get out of financing thr salesperson tells me the battery is bad. Car starts but start stop has a fault and electronic throttle has a fault. So my battery didn't even last a day. They're going to come pick it up tomorrow and leave me a loaner. Yay. The worst part was the dna switch was locked out I'm guessing because of the faults so I couldn't even listen to the exhaust with bypass flaps open on the way home.

Couple of things I've noticed. There are 2 lines one on each side of the front grill surround where the surround meets the quarter panel above the headlights.

Also the size that Android auto displays in on the screen is almost comically small. I'm guessing there isn't an update for that. Anyway. Looking forward to seeing what everyone has done to their qaud.
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