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Nice little forum we have here..well done. Let's make it grow.

We ended up getting a Volcano Black on red Ti Sport!

Fully loaded
Yellow calipers

Initial impressions and comments to gripes I've read on this vehicle...

1. You do feel the turbo lag while cruising at low RPMs but when that turbo kicks in.. nice..i like to drop it down a gear or two while driving then go take off.

2. The brakes! Yeah they feel numb when braking to a stop only. Have to get used to them. Since they are electronic the feel hopefully can be adjusted via software eventually? That's what it is.. Just a feel they are conveying to the driver.

3. The infotainment system. Yes it's not cutting edge but really it's very straight forward and simple to navigate. It really does look nice with the matte screen and being integrated into the dash.

4. The Harmon Kardon stereo. It isn't great but it's fine. I think unless you're an audiofile you'll be content. It seems to get better with some adjustments so play around with it.

5. The handling. RAILS.

6. Interior.. I think it's at a high quality, very sleek and sporty. I like it.
It's also juuust large enough for adults to sit in so it sure is a sport orientated SUV.

7. Sight lines..oh yeah, the pillars are a bit wide. A, B, C plus that small rear window. I guess they did that for strength since they used a lot of aluminum. Something to get used to.

8. The exclusivity. Pretty cool I haven't seen any out there.. But eventually it would be nice to see some!

I'll probably do up the wheels black in the next few days!


Couldn't help it! (I'm Italian)

See you out there!

I took some quick pictures at pick up but I'll post better soon enough..
The metallic black really picks up the light and looks great, almost a charcoal color at some angles.


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2018 Stelvio Base 20" yellow calipers
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Congratuations + great to know you, AlfaMale. Your observations are exactly spot on and your enthusiasm matches most of us! Our Stella has the same exterior, base model (bright window surrounds and roof rails/no sunroof) and the brown inside- the only adder I regret is the HK option. Look forward to getting to know you and your ride. Thanks.
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