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Now, for those who have not seen as much water under the bridge as I have, you will understand more as you get older. Using the Never Dull makes it easy to keep the tips cleaned weekly.

1. I get my pad to place on the hard surface for my knees when I lower myself to the garage floor.
2. I get one of the cheap vinyl gloves that I have purchased from a discount store.
3. I get my NEVR DULL, other products will also work well.
3. I get my 1 1/2 inch painters masking tape to tape off the area around the chrome exhaust tips(for me, this keeps the Nevr Dull from getting on the area around the tips. Which would lead to more cleaning if I do not use the tape).
4. I get my towel/rag to wipe the Nevr Dull off the tips when I am finished.
5. I clean the tips using just a small section of the Nevr Dull, using the hand with the glove.
6. I remove the glove with the Nevr Dull still in my palm(this way I do not have to worry about forgetting and using that hand to place on the bumper to help myself up).
7. I wipe down the tips with the towel using either hand.
8. I use the bumper(see 6) to help myself get up to admire my work.

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