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Buy Local is the theme these days.

HRE is 1 mile from us so we decided to start offering their wheels, as they fit out criteria for Alfissimo.

HRE is one of the highest quality wheels you can buy today that was sitting just around the corner. They are also TUV certified which is not common with many wheels made in the US and many in Europe. They stand by their quality. Their designs are very appealing and many models will fit will with Alfa. We wanted Quality coupled with a good design. Not cheap, heavy and unsafe. HRE- Forged wheels- Made in the USA from aerospace grade 6061-T6 aluminum

HRE fits with Alfissimo’s pursuit for the best of the best.

HRE wheels will be available soon on the website. Special ordering is done by Email or Phone.

We will have all available wheel designs but will curate the offerings to what we fell look the best with the Giulia/Stelvio design on the website.

We are visiting the Facility here in Vista, CA in the next few weeks and will have a video available on our youtube channel.

Some examples below.

More information coming soon...


Wheel Automotive tire Motor vehicle Hubcap Automotive design

Wheel Tire Automotive tire Vehicle Tread

Wheel Tire Vehicle Automotive tire Hubcap

WHY HRE? They are one of the best in Quality

Great information on TUV and why they are such high quality. This is why TUV is very important.

Alfa romeo 164S, Giulia QV CCM
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While I'm not in the market for new wheels, I did appreciate the Look Inside the Factory video. Before seeing that I had no idea how wheels were designed and made. There is a lot more going into the making of the wheels than I would have thought.
There is a lot when it comes down to it. I am more inclined to offer the highest quality wheel. It comes down to design, safety, proper load ratings, strength/quality and materials. Being that they are a TUV certified Facility here in the US is pretty substantial as well. Some will say, you are paying for the name. Well, yeah you are. With that name comes what you are paying for. In this case the best wheel available. When a Company like this has the name it does, it's not just for the name, it's for the products they produce. The pricing reflects the quality and peace of mind you have a quality wheel that can handle anything and be safe at doing it.

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I wholeheartedly agree with Jason. Wheels are important. HRE, Forgeline, BBS, OZ Racing etc make wheels that have extremely little deflection.

I remember 20 years ago doing testing for apr and stasis engineering who fielded world challenge cars and they were running inexpensive Kosei wheels on their rain tires and I picked up a set too for my car following their lead. Then I remember them telling me the wheels were so inferior to their motorsports Enkei and BBS wheels that they stopped using them mid season. The difference was that noticeable to their engineers.

Sure the FF10 may seem like a dime a dozen overseas flow form wheel but HREs name behind it means they ensured proper factory/manufacturing, proper testing and certifications, and proper load ratings.
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