Hey all! I purchased my 2018 Stelvio Sport in May of 2021, and fell in LOVE with the car! Everything was fine and dandy until Feb of 2022 when I was at a complete stop and was promptly rear ended at very high speed. This launched me into the car in front of me. The first shop I dealt with was a joke and gave me the run around, pretending to order parts. Luckily in late April, I found an amazing shop!

The issues we are continually running into have been: #1: Parts Delays / Backorders, #2: Incompetent Parts Dealers unable to figure out how to ship parts correctly. (I'm 5 months pregnant and my husband and I actually ended up driving 4 hours each way to pick up the parts - they couldn't figure out how to ship because apparently a 30lb muffler is impossible to ship - ourselves) We are down to one part needed to FINALLY get my car back - which would be nice before the baby comes - and of course, there appears to be none available on Earth. Our mechanic has been great and has quite literally been scouring the planet searching for this part!

If anyone has available for sale - or knows of any place that actually physically has this part available - I would greatly appreciate if you could contact me.

We need: Engine Cooling Fan Shroud (I believe the part number is OE 68367169AA