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I want/need to be able to scan, read, clear codes and modify parts of the car. My past cars have only required a Bluetooth dongle and an app on the phone. I find the whole SGW thing so confusing. Looks like I need:
  • a SGW bypass and extension cables from Stuff4cars( which cables though, short or long, single or pairs, length?)
  • WiFi, Bluetooth, USB adapter? All 3? Which one?
-MES software? Software license? Best to use IOS, OS, Microsoft?

what does everyone recommend? I have a 2022 Stelvio Quad.

thanks in advance馃憤

2022 Stelvio QV, Misano Blue
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The SGW will allow you access to the computer (literally bypasses the firewall that stops it) -- you can then use an AlfaODB or MultiScanECU or anything else to read /reset codes. Obviously higher end units will allow you direct parameter access for testing etc.
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