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Every time I get into my ALFA for a real/long drive, it's like the the white devil/red devil thing starts up and I have to be careful to do most of the "racing" in my head, and about the traffic and how to get out in front and not so much the speed, and then just cruise and pay attention, right. Tuesday morning after the Richmond Marathon weekend, at the Valet entrance of The Quirk Hotel in Richmond, VA., I put a fresh large cup of coffee into the cupholder and situate myself in the already warm red sport seats, and slip onto I-95 at the W. Leigh Street entrance in Jackson Ward, heading south to Florida.

That first run on I-95 from Richmond to Petersburg where I-85 splits off heading down forwards Durham, that run is a great 20 miles of three lanes of some big sweeping curves and small rolling hills, and it's usually busy and the race there is from the James River to the Appomattox River bridges. Not everyone knows that's the race, but it is, and has been for a long time. There are a number of state troopers that hang out in several places, so you do have to manage your speed. But after that section, and going back to mostly 2 lane driving for a long way, there's not much going on, but things still happen...

Somewhere just south of the border on I-95 in North Carolina, I was cruising along with a Cayenne and some Volvo thing. We were clipping along at the speed that an attentive driver can avoid unnecessary conflicts with authorities, even if stopped, and I was letting my cruise control keep me from getting randy with it. There are those stretches of I-95 where there's nothing but trees, the middle of the forrest and we'd entered one of those sections, where also, trees filled the median and are tight on both sides of the two lanes.

So we're gaining a little speed together, the Cayenne and Volvo ahead of me by one bar of my adaptive CC, and they're side by side. We're still below jail speeds, still in our little formation and from freaking out of nowhere a huge bird came flying down, left to right and within a foot of the right hand emergency lane and just in front of the Volvo thing, grabbed a rabbit, or squirrel, something, and lifted up within inches of the Volvo's windshield. In just longer than the blink of an eye, the freaking Bald Eagle lifts up above the Volvo and takes a couple of hard flaps of its wings and is then as high as the tree tops when I went under him. The Volvo driver had nowhere to go, and the eagle must have known it. And maybe the eagle counted on the airflow over top of the Volvo, because it seemed as though the eagle did ride up the air going over that Volvo.

Freaking huge Bald Eagle - hope one of the other drivers had a dash cam...


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Crossing the I-95 downtown Richmond James River Bridge looking east down the river, with Church Hill on the left, and Rocket's Landing to the right, where the "run" to the Appomattox River bridge starts. Tobacco road.
Drove that same road on Friday averaging about 20 mph.. The whole trip took 9 hours from PA to DC and back to NJ. Love the view but I was so frustrated I totally didn't see any of this. I do love that bridge near Havre de Grace that usually takes my breath away. I think that's the view of that river, correct?
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