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Just put my deposit down on a Ti Sport in Roso Red, black interior arriving in approximately 4 weeks. Opted to skip most of the static / dynamic package driver nannies as they annoy me, and didn't want to pay for options I don't like, but otherwise it's loaded with nearly all the options currently available.

Two questions the dealer surprisingly couldn't answer. First was what exactly is the deal with the "Infrared Windshield"? I assume it's just a factory tint like I have on my 2015 Range Rover Evoque (which I'm trading in for the Stelvio). Second question is does the Stelvio Q4 system have torque vectoring of any sort?

Lastly I'm looking for advice on the sound system. I currently have the Meridian 800w system in my Evoque, which is significantly better sounding than the "premium" Harmon Kardon system in the model I test drove, most notably that the HK system seems to lack any real bass despite the fact they claim it has a subwoofer (and yes I turned the bass all the up too). Don't get me wrong, the HK system is FAR better than the base model sound system, but it's so far behind that of the JLR Meridian systems it almost seems insulting to call it the "premium" system on what it otherwise such a great premium performance vehicle.

Has anyone looked to replace or add to the speakers for better sound? The high frequencies are mediocre but tolerable, but the low frequencies are just terrible (or more accurately, non existing). I nearly didn't buy the car over the sound system as it is such a disappointment compared to what I'm used to, however it drives so well I couldn't say no to something that I hope should be easily fixable.
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First of all - congratulations!

Infrared Windshield - this is how I interpret it. It's a coating to help keep the interior cool by reflecting infrared rays from a solar load.

Torque Vectoring - I'm not sure but I'm going with probably not. Hopefully someone that knows a whole lot more than I can chime in.

The closest comparison would be the Traction Control System that will activate the Brake Limited Differential. Keep in mind that operates (brakes applied to one side) only with one wheel slipping and the other wheel not. Maybe that's why Alfa offers a mechanical locking differential.

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I had the 380 W meridian in my Fpace and have the HK upgrade on my Stelvio and I would say they sound quality are similar,

I do find the Alfa system better for example I attached my 1TB hard drive to the USB and it indexed by Folder/Album and Artist all 50,000 tracks
The Fpace wouldn't recognise the drive.

Regarding the Torque Vectoring I am certain I have read it uses brake Torque Vectoring.

I have the 280bhp petrol engine and it is a great drive I am enjoying every minute, if you like driving you will love the Stelvio.

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Even more important than changing out the speaker is getting sound proofing done because often that does far more for audio quality than changing speakers, but if you get sound proofing, you're perfectly set up for getting better speakers.
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