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leather renovation

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Hello everyone,My name is Bradley ,I am from England
I recently noticed that my beloved leather seat is starting to show signs of wear. Unfortunately, I'm not very familiar with leather renovation techniques, so I would like to ask for your expert advice.
Firstly, I would like to know how to deep clean my leather seat without causing any damage. What products or methods do you recommend for removing dust, light stains, and accumulated dirt over time? I have come across an online leather-renovation product, but I'm uncertain about its effectiveness.
Lastly, if I want to refresh the color of my leather seat, are there any specific dyes or coloring products that you could recommend?
Thank you sincerely in advance, and I look forward to your valuable advice.
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I’m not sure about leather renovation or deep cleaning per se but I apply griots 3 in 1 every few months or as need arises. It’s easy to apply, gets out stubborn suntan lotion, dust and stuff. I also keep a handy little vac in the door card and frequently run it along the seat stitching to keep up with it. I have the lusso seats and these are easy to clean cuz it’s a sanded smooth closed pore leather . The other leathers maybe more challenging
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