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March 2018 Sales Numbers North America

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1270 new Stelvios found homes in the USA during March 2018 as well as 1284 Giulias and 22 4C's.

For our friends in Canada, 77 Stelvios were adopted as well as 69 Giulias.

FCA overall was up 14% for the month (USA), an excellent overall showing. That said, it wasn't a very good showing if you happen to have the last name of 'Musk' though:

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How come AR is not selling well at all in Canada compared to US?
It's been a long winter for our northern friends. Choose your answer:
A.) It's a smaller market and it's actually a decent number.
B.) They're holding out for ACP and the foot swing thingy to open the tailgate.
C.) They're waiting for Sergio Marchionne himself (locally known as Dudley Dooright) to show up and personally give a foot rub prior to pulling the trigger.
D.) All of the above.

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