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1.) So there is no internal hard drive in the Stelvio? (I have a new 2019 Nring with 400 miles now.)
2.). The only way to play MP3s are by using a smart phone, Ipad, MP3 player, or flash drive?
3.). No Micro SD card slot?
4.). Is the AUX sound just as good as the USB sound? (Ex: Plugging a headphone jack into an MP3 player)
5.) What is the version of Bluetooth we have? Seems my MP3 player won't pair. Mp3 player is a 4.2.


[I should have mentioned I have only owned year 2000 -2010 Trans Ams and Cadillacs. I am use to CD players and the 'aux head phone jack'. And I don't store MP3s on my phone as they take up too much room.]
(And what do I do with all these CDs, lol.)
My settings:
Bass +6
Treble +2
Mid 0
Surround off
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