According to Alfa Romeo North America, there are no left Xenon HID headlights available at any dealership in the US and no ETA for shipment. Pickings on eBay are slim, mostly parts-only units. My car has been in the shop for over a month and I'd appreciate any help. Grateful for my Honda Civic rental but I really want to drive my Stelvio!
As far as I can tell, the part # is 68504237AA.
The sticker on my headlight carries the number: 00505593010. I've seen that number and a couple of other numbers for Stelvio headlights (50552988, 50563963) on eBay and I'm checking with ARNA to see if they're cross-compatible. Anyone know about that?
The only damage to my headlight is the tabs. I'm all ears if anyone has an ingenious way to use my components on a parts-only shell or to mend PP GF30 composite (my bodyshop is stymied - apparently it resists plastic welding and even the stickiest adhesives won't stick to it).
Otherwise, I'm happy with either new or good used condition with solid tabs.
Thanks for your help!

Backstory: My care was the victim of a hit and run incident in a parking lot and has been in the shop for a month because Amica required a tear-down before authorizing the headlight replacement and now I'm stuck because the tabs are shot and it can't be put back together.