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New 2018 Stelvio Ti Sport ....Portland, Maine USA

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Hello all, just brought home a 2018 Stelvio Ti Sport, White with red interior as my wife's replacement for her C300.
The Sport (red) interior really looks beautiful with the white exterior and 20" aluminum wheels / red calipers....really makes it "pop"!

Although there is an Alfa/Fiat dealer in Portland, their current Stelvio inventory did not offer a broad selection of colors, etc in stock,
so we drove to Massachusetts and dealt with Kelly Alfa/Maserati in Danvers, MA. Great dealership with a knowledgeable and an easy to work with sales person ( Peter Simmons ). Got the color-interior-options my wife wanted and had a great delivery experience with them. 'Only have approx 200 miles as my wife is just getting used to driving it where it's a larger vehicle compared to her C300. Just now starting to look around for a variety of add on equipment/prices for the Stelvio ( winter WeatherTech mats, trunk mat, etc ); however, didn't see many options or products given the relative "newness" of the Stelvio, so watching this forum to see if accessories show up from other owners experience.

FYI: I just watched the newest BBC America "Top Gear" TV show (just aired on Apr 3 ) where the did an hour long segment on the 2.0 Stelvio Sport compared to the Volvo XC60 and a LandRover Velar: they do a fairly ridiculous comparison for the entire show, and certainly not a hard-core review, but end up loving the Alfa Stelvio. Lots of good video with them doing abusive things none of us owners would ever do.....but nice to see the good Alfa press and enthusiasm for the Stelvio on national TV.

Haven't seen another Stelvio on the road in Maine, but the Kelly dealership in MA says they've sold a few in Maine, so looking forward to other owner experiences from this forum!

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Stelvio Ti Sport

Picked up a White Stelvio Ti Sport with Red Sport Seats and red calipers....selected the dark 19 inch wheels...

Couldn't agree more about the color combo....esp with the sunroof the white and black external contrasts look great..

We're in Long Island but went to Germantown Maryland (Criswell)...great deal and great salesman....D
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Welcome to the forum
Hi Doug and welcome to the forum. I would be one of those others Kelly had mentioned; I’m in the Boston area, and I also am up in Maine often - I pass thru Portland on my way up to my camp in Bridgton - so keep your eyes peeled for a Vesuvio Gray Stelvio!

There are OEM rubber mats that can be purchased online - but I am also hoping the Alfa mat for the cargo area is available soon; WeatherTech doesn’t stock one yet, and when I asked them about availability, they had no date to offer yet. I have reached out to Kelly about some additional parts, and waiting to hear back from them. If you ever did want to order something through them, I would certainly be more than happy to pick up and drop off to you since I pass right by the dealer and your town on my to Bridgton.

Roof bars are also scarce at the moment, but I have placed an order for a Thule set through and will post results once I receive them.

Happy to see a fellow Stelvio neighbor on here!
Greetings, Doug + welcome. This is a great place to find out what's available as things develop. Mopar + other mats, doodads, and 2 hitches at this point + Thule roof rails ordered from GB. It's a pretty select group of early adopters at this point but lots of good awareness and a great place to share experiences. Look forward to your comments too.
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